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Far and Near

Far and Near
The conservation movement is taking hold in unexpected sectors and Colby alumni are at the forefront, from Tanzania to Maine


Now What?

Now What?
Colby seniors have their plans in full swing


The Decision

The Decision
With more than 4,000 applicants for 490 spots, Colby's Admissions Office finds a way to decide who gets in


To Share or Not to Share

To Share or Not to Share
File sharing has changed the way students get music and raised a question: whose music is it, anyways?



From the Hill

A Housing Dialogue

Plan to link social and academic life under review

A Personal Epic

Anthropologist Hong Zhang mirrors the strengths of the people she studies

At Home on the Hill

Homeschooling is solid preparation for Colby, students say

Life Lessons

Tom Austin's gridiron career leaves legacy of pride, trust and hard work

Recent Releases

Reminiscing About a Record-Setting Track Career

Review: Booth's Toll

Elizabeth Leonard probes the tumultous events that followed Lincoln's assassination

Single Man March

Cornel West relentlessly challenges America's presuppositions, dogmatism, "spiritual vacuity"

Sports Shorts

The Gift of Music

Playing from the heart, Colby trio trades Foss stage for Northwest spotlight

The Last Page


Margaret McFadden on queer studies, cautious optimism and The Simpsons



Ted Bromfield '68

Law of The Land

Mark Weatherly '79

White House View

Brian McCabe '89

Casting About

Jeffery M. Wheeler '90


Sarah Eustis '96

Opportunity Calls

Alex Lear '01


Alumni Class Notes


Editorial & Opinion