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An Investment, Not a Givaway


Global Reflections Gallery

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What's at Stake

What's at Stake
Colby political anaylysts provide perspective on the 2004 presidential election, ranging from foreign policy to the economy to the environment


Global Reflections

Global Reflections
The first Davis UWC scholars to graduate from Colby consider their experience on Mayflower Hill


Now What? Here's What...

Now What? Here's What...
The future is no longer a question mark for these four intrepid members of the Class of 2004. They've mulled options, filled out applications for jobs and graduate schools and anxiously awaited responses (and shared their experiences with Colby beginning in the fall 2003 issue). Now things have fallen into place. The last installment of this ongoing story has a happy ending.



From the Hill

Passion for the Class of 2004

Richard Russo reminds seniors, families and friends that college is a time of transformation


Paul Josephson on Russian hospitality, running and lawn pollution

Crew Captures Rowers' Hearts

Twelve-month commitment for a six-minute race

Sports Shorts

Front-Office Fantasy

Galen Carr and Brian O'Halloran live their dream as they help shape the Red Sox

Amazing Grace

Allen Throop, felled by ALS, never saw himself as a victim

Long-Distance Learning

From intimate Mayflower Hill, Colby faculty members reach thousands of students by writing popular textbooks

Recent Releases

Portraying an American Icon

Writer Ben Bradlee Jr. sets out to discover and document the forces that created baseball legend Ted Williams

Whose Fault Is It?

A course on genocide, taught by Bassett Teaching Award winner Jonathan White, forces Colby students to grapple with questions of responsibility

Life on the Edge

Undergraduate Research Symposium keynote speaker Alan Rabinowitz explores the world's wildest places

Pride in the Poorest Nation



Judy Dickson '58

northwest passage

June Chatterjee '60

cuba up close

Heather Boothe '94

from the redwood forests

farrell burns '98


Justin Amirault '01

taste the coffee

Alumni Class Notes


Editorial & Opinion

From The Editor

%cmp04a%left%Here at Colby we had been talking for years about doing a story on the 2004 presidential election. After all, Colby faculty members are tapped regularly by national and international media looking for insight into the political process. If The New York Times calls on our professors to edify its readers, why shouldn't Colby do the same?

The question for the editors here: what could our magazine add to the discussion? What could an article in Colby say that hadn't already been said?

"What's at Stake," (page 14) is the result of an open-ended approach... Read more »