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Sidney Poitier: Man, Actor, Icon
Aram Goudsouzian '94
University of North Carolina Press (2004)
Historian Goudsouzian, a professor at Hamilton College, has written the first full biography of Poitier, the legendary Oscar-winning actor. In Goudsouzian's work, Poitier's life and career are examined in the context of America's racial history, which the gifted actor in many ways symbolized and reflected.

Daniel (Bar-Zeev) Price '92
Villard (2004)
This first novel takes readers behind the scenes of the American media machine. Publicist Scott Singer is the master of spin, but he meets his toughest challenge when lyrics written by his up-and-coming rapper client are said to have inspired a school shooting. A fast-moving, edgy commentary on the machinations that shape the headlines.
All Fishermen Are Liars: True Tales from the Dry Dock Bar
Linda Greenlaw '83
Hyperion (2004)
To ask whether all of these "absolutely true sea stories" really are entirely factual is to miss the point. Reading this collection is like spending an evening with Greenlaw and her fishermen buddies as they swap tales about not-so-perfect storms, ocean catastrophies and lessons learned in a life at sea. One indisputable fact is that Greenlaw is a gifted storyteller.

Double Play
Robert B. Parker '54
Putnam (2004)
Parker departs (temporarily) from his longstanding Spenser series to explore the world of baseball circa Jackie Robinson. Set in 1947, Parker's new novel is told by Joseph Burke, a damaged World War II vet who is hired as rookie Robinson's bodyguard. Part crime novel, part historical piece, the book includes thinly veiled autobiographical reminiscences on Parker's own boyhood love for the game.

Let Me Play My Music
Messan Jordan Benissan (applied music associate)
Benissan combines traditional African drumming, "Highlife" music and even a blues influence in his third CD. Traditional African songs are spiced with guitars and dobro, along with the distinctive drumming of special guest and West African legend Obo Addy.

Home Body
Gerry Boyle '78
Berkley (2004)
Journalist Jack McMorrow rescues a runaway teen whose life is a Pandora's box. In the eighth in the Jack McMorrow mystery series, McMorrow is led through the meaner streets of Maine cities and towns as the dark secrets of the boy's past are revealed.