At a recent meeting of the Faculty a committee consisting of President Roberts, Dr. Taylor, Professor Hedman, Dr. Parmenter, and Mr. Chipman, was appointed to draw up and submit to the Faculty a new set of Administrative Rules. The present rules were adopted some years ago before the present semester system had come into existence as well as at a time when the student body numbered considerably less than at present. These two conditions have made it imperative that the rules receive a thorough overhauling with a view to meeting more satisfactorily the present day needs. When finally adopted the rules will be printed in pamphlet form and distributed to each member of the student body.
Professor Clarence H. White represented the college at the twenty-sixth annual meeting of the New England Association of Colleges and Preparatory Schools, held at Harvard University, on Friday and Saturday, October 13 and 14. At the last meeting of the Classical Association of New England, held in April, Prof. White was elected its Vice President. During 1910-1911, Prof. White was President of the Maine Branch of this Association.
Wednsday evening, November 1, a Faculty reception was tendered to Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Colby, at the home of President Roberts, on College avenue. On the previous evening Mr. Colby, a trustee of the College, lectured before the student body in the College Chapel.
Several members of the Faculty were represented on the program of the Maine Teachers' Association at its annual meeting in Augusta, October 26-27, 1911. Dr. J. William Black delivered a paper on "The Trappist Monks"; Professor John Hedman delivered a paper on "Recent Books from France"; and Dr. Thomas B. Ashcraft led one of the discussions in the mathematics department. The Registrar of the College, Herbert C. Libby, was elected Auditor of the Association for the coming year. The convention was largely attended, over 2500 teachers being enrolled as delegates.
President Roberts represented the College at the funeral of the late Moses Giddings of Bangor. Mr. Giddings was 95 years of age and had been a trustee of the College for a period of 60 years.
At the Faculty meeting on Wednesday, November 1, it was voted to make application for admission to membership in the New England Certificating Board in 1913.
By vote of the Faculty, all student organizations are required to elect from the membership of the Faculty auditors whose work it shall be to audit the accounts of the student organizations and have a general oversight of their management. The Echo Board has made choice of Professor Chester, likewise the Oracle Board; the Musical Clubs have chosen Dr. Little.

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