The close of the Maine football season finds University of Maine with a clear title to the State Championship, having won two games and lost one. Colby and Bowdoin are tied for second place, each having won a game, lost a game, and tied a game. Bates brings up in the rear with two defeats against her but with the satisfaction of having beaten the champions.
From the standpoint of the Colby supporters the season began very satisfactorily. The schedule opened with the usual games with Kent's Hill and Hebron Academy. The preparatory schools were defeated by good scores, and Colby was given an opportunity to try out her new material. The freshmen showed up well and the chances for a championship team looked good.
The next game was with Dartmouth at Hanover. Here Colby lost by a score of 12 to 0; but she gave the wearers of the green one of the stiffest games of the season. Dartmouth's powerful attack was repeatedly played to a standstill, and once Colby carried the ball to the enemy's 15-yard line.
The fourth game of the season was with Boston College on Colby Day. The Boston team was defeated by a score of 18 to 0 in a hard fought game.
The first championship game was with Bates on Garcelon field. The score, 14 to 0, in favor of Colby does not indicate the relative strength of the two teams Bates proved such an easy proposition that every man on the squad was given a try-out, and during the last period only two regular men were in the line-up.
The game with Bowdoin, played the following Saturday on Alumni field, resulted in a tie. Although unable to score Colby clearly demonstrated her superiority by keeping the ball in Bowdoin's territory the greater part of the time. Colby's goal was threatened but once, when a Bowdoin back intercepted a forward pass and ran to the 10-yard line before being downed.
The fact that Maine had been beaten by Bates seemed to indicate that Colby had, at least, an even chance to win when she went to Orono for her final championship game. But the unexpected happened and the Maine aggregation rolled up 20 points while Colby was unable to score.
The last game of the season was with Holy Cross at Worcester. Here the team showed that they had not "come back," and lost by a score of 24 to 0.
It is useless to deny that the team slumped at the end of the season, but we have yet to hear an adequate explanation of the fact. Whatever else may have been the cause, it was not due to quitting The team fought to the last and has had throughout the season the loyal support of the student body. While the outcome of the season has been somewhat disappointing to Colby we have no apologies to offer. The team played hard, clean football, and was a credit to the college.

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