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This was Jan Plan 2004 for Jenny Kalman:
Kalman continued research in the Biology Department and took a course on geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing. She was in the classroom or the lab for many hours. And all the while, she was waiting.

Jenny Kalman
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During January Kalman had applications in at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Northwestern, SUNY Buffalo, NYUs Sackler Institute and Johns Hopkins University as well as a bid for a fellowship at the National Institutes of Health in Washington, D.C.

A Ph.D. program or a masters of public health program? Im probably going to do both, Kalman said. Ive sent out applications to just Ph.D. programs so far. Im going to apply to at least one M.P.H. program in Boston and maybe a second one at George Washington University. But regardless of which one I get into now, Im going to do both eventually.

But in the meantime?

A Ph.D. would take five to six years and a masters of public health would take one to two, so I would be done with school in six to eight more years. I could go on to doing more school now, or I could defer and wait a year. So well just see what happens.

An offer of the fellowship at the National Institutes of Health would allow Kalman to take a break from school for a year and would offer some other perks. Her parents, who live in a Virginia suburb of D.C., have been remodeling the bottom floor of their home and have suggested Jenny and Jason could live there either temporarily while they look for another place or for as long as they might be stationed in D.C.

But it was all speculation until . . .

Kalman called back as this issue of Colby went into production. She had exciting news.

Acceptances had come in from Madison, Buffalo and the Sackler Institute. Northwestern and Johns Hopkins invited her to interviews. If that wasnt enough, she was offered the fellowship at the NIH. Ive accepted it, Kalman said with excitement and relief. Now I just have to decide which school Im going to defer from for the year that Ill be at the NIH. That depends on the other schools Im still waiting to hear from and also on where Jason gets in. But Jason has options in D.C. as well, so that is where were headed for at least the next year.

The future was taking shape.

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