Green Acres

Green Acres

From a "green" summit to a residence hall dedicated to environmental awareness to state-of-the-art construction, the Colby community is collaborating to understand and confront environmental issues.

By Stephen Collins '74

If human beings don't curb their appetite for fossil fuels in short order, expect widespread economic instability, further increases in destructive weather, and general chaos that prevents societies from functioning. Those were the predictions of Elizabeth May, executive director of The Sierra Club of Canada, as she spoke at a Green Campus Summit held at Colby in April.

She told student activists from Maine and Canadian colleges that they might make more progress in their fight to stem climate change if they re-frame the debate as a security issue rather than an environmental one. "This is not some kind of tree-hugger issue. This is about whether we live or die in this world,— she said. "There's no plausible terrorist scenario that comes close to climate change.—

May acknowledged that climate change is a "very difficult issue to communicate.— Though it is the top environmental issue of our time, politicians in Ottawa and in Washington don't consider environmental issues to be as important as security or economic problems, she said.
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