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Obituaries from the Summer 2005 Colby Magazine

Miriam F. Bennett

Miriam F. Bennett, William F. Kenan Jr. Professor of Biology, emerita, February 2, 2005, in Bangor, Maine, at 76. She came to Colby in 1973 as chair of the Biology Department after a 20-year career at Sweet Briar College. Previously she was an investigator at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Mass., and at the Institute of Zoology at the University of Munich. Her 90-plus publications on biological timing mechanisms and the effects of hormones, stress, and time on the blood of amphibians include the popular Living Clocks in the Animal World. She was an accomplished equestrian and remained active in the community following retirement in 1993. She is survived by her sister, Naomi B. Erdmann, and two nephews.

Walter Brooks

Walter J. Brooks, February 22, 2005, in Waterville, Maine, at 82. A decorated Army Air Force veteran of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam, he was professor of aerospace studies at the College and oversaw the Air Force ROTC program during the 1960s. Following completion of a master's in English literature at Columbia University, he returned to the College in 1972 as associate dean of admissions. He retired in 1982 as acting dean of admissions. He is survived by his wife, Nancy, five children, 10 grandchildren, a sister and brother, and numerous nieces and nephews.

Frederick A. Geib

Frederick A. Geib, , professor of sociology, emeritus, February 3, 2005, in Exeter, N.H., at 79. Following Navy service from 1943 to 1946 he and his family started Graylag, a New Hampshire camp that became a boys' basketball camp. He earned degrees in sociology from UNH, Brown, and Syracuse. From 1955 to 1991 he was a member of the Sociology Department, which he chaired, and was active in professional organizations. He presented telecourses, lectured to civic groups, and worked with the local Boys' Club. He celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary, in 1997, shortly before the death of his wife, Jane. He leaves his daughters, Barbara Geib, Melissa Geib LeBlanc, and Susan Geib, three granddaughters, and his brother.

Cecil Howard Rose '28

Cecil H. Rose '28, February 2005, in Gloucester, Mass., at 99. A minister and teacher, he was a United Presbyterian Church "internal" missionary sent to revive struggling churches in locations stretching from Nova Scotia to Miami, Fla. Later he was dean of students, chaplain, and professor at Curry College in Massachusetts. He continued preaching into his late 90s. He is survived by a daughter, Janis Bell, a son, David H. Rose, and five grandchildren.

Gilman S. Hooper '29

Gilman S. Hooper '29, March 19, 2005, in Altoona, Fla., at 96. He earned master's and doctoral degrees in chemistry. After a career with DuPont, in 1949 he joined the Industrial Rayon Corporation in Cleveland, Ohio, and served as manager and then director of textile research. For his many civic activities he received the Order of the Palmetto, South Carolina's highest civic award. Survivors include his son, George Hooper, two granddaughters, and great-grandchildren.

Marion R. Richardson Snow '32

Marion Richardson Snow '32, February 7, 2005, in West Boylston, Mass., at 97. She was library director of the Beaman Memorial Public Library in West Boylston for 14 years. From 1965 to 1974 she was employed by the American Antiquarian Society in Worcester, Mass. Predeceased by her husband, Sydney P. Snow '28, she leaves a daughter, Eleanor S. Adams, a sister, two grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Donald H. Rhoades '33

Donald H. Rhoades '33, October 19, 2004, in Claremont, Calif., at 95. He served parishes while earning his Ph.D. at Yale, then taught theology at the University of Southern California School of Religion and at The Claremont School of Theology. After retiring he headed the Blaisdell Institute for Advanced Studies of World Cultures and Religions at the Claremont Colleges. Predeceased by his brother, Roger H. Rhoades '35, he is survived by his wife of 68 years, Dorothy Gould Rhoades '36, a daughter, a son, two nephews, three nieces, his sister-in-law Marjorie Gould Shuman '37, and his brother- and sister-in-law Roger '40 and Ruth Gould Stebbins '40.

Greta Murray Connors '34

Greta Murray Connors '34, December 8, 2004, in Bangor, Maine, at 92. She taught in schools in Levant, Greenville, Brownville Junction, and Skowhegan, Maine. She is survived by her son, Roland A. Connors '67.

Eldora Shaw Reed '35

Eldora Shaw Reed '35, December 28, 2003, in Stokesdale, N.C., at 90. A homemaker who was predeceased by her husband, Carl E. Reed '35, she is survived by her son, Terence J. Reed.

Jeannette B. Benn Beebe '36

Jeannette Benn Beebe '36, September 17, 2004, in California, at 90. She was a Red Cross medical social worker in hospitals in the South Pacific during World War II and the Korean Conflict. Later she was a social worker, Head Start teacher, and director of a senior activity center in San Leandro, Calif. She is survived by her husband, Alvin Beebe, three daughters and a son, and her brother and sister.

Pauline Walker Deans '37

Pauline Walker Deans '37, March 15, 2005, in Bath, Maine, at 90. She first worked as a medical technician. Later she served on the board of directors of the Kennebec Girl Scout Council and chaired the board of the York County Home Health Services. Predeceased by her husband, William D. Deans '37, she is survived by her children, Thomas S. and Robert W. Deans and Margaret Deans Totten, her brother, four grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

Bertha Norton Gordon '38

Bertha Norton Gordon '38, February 2, 2005, in Skowhegan, Maine, at 91. A lifelong resident of Skowhegan, she provided affordable housing to residents of the town for 65 years. Predeceased by her husband, Lawrence C. Gordon, she is survived by her son, Thomas U. Gordon '73, and by her many friends.

Kenneth Holbrook '38

W. Kenneth Holbrook '38, November 6, 2004, in Stoneham, Mass., at 89. He earned his medical degree at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and operated a family practice in Aroostook County, Maine, before conducting family medicine for 40 years in Reading, Mass. Predeceased by his brother George Holbrook '36, he is survived by his wife, Hilda, three daughters, six grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, and his sister, Emily Holbrook Pelissier '46.

Sigrid E. Tompkins '38

Sigrid E. Tompkins '38, February 15, 2005, in Portland, Maine, at 88. In 1942 she began her 58-year career in probate, trusts, estate planning, and estate administration in Houlton, Maine. In 1945 she joined the Portland law firm of Hutchinson, Pierce, Atwood & Scribner, the firm's first woman lawyer. She was a fellow of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel, was elected to the American College of Probate Counsel, and was a member of several bar associations. She served the College as a trustee for 13 years.

Shirley Brown '39

Shirley M. Brown '39, November 21, 2004, in Waterville, Maine, at 86. A lifelong resident of Waterville, she is survived by her cousin, Virginia Wescott Dowe.

Richard L. Chasse '40

Richard L. Chasse '40, December 4, 2004, in Oakland, Maine, at 88. He received his M.D. from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and served in the Naval Medical Corps in the Pacific during World War II. He practiced medicine and surgery in Waterville for 40 years. Predeceased by his brother, William A. Chasse '40, he is survived by six children, Margaret Anne Hallee and Richard II, Joseph, William, Robin, and Thomas Chasse, 11 grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren.

Ruth Moore Corkran '40

Ruth Moore Corkran '40, December 6, 2004, in Bradenton, Fla., at 85. She worked in Maine hospitals for several years and was assistant to the alumni secretary at Colby for 10 years. Predeceased by her former husband, Alfred E. Brown '41, and her sister Marion Moore Kennison '39, she is survived by her daughter, Karen B. Dumont, her son, Alfred E. Brown '70, four grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, a niece, and three nephews.

Audrey Massell Greenwald '41

Audrey Massell Greenwald '41, December 31, 2003, in Warwick, Mass., at 84. She and her husband, Stephen Greenwald '39, were partners at Stevens Travel Service in Miami Beach, Fla. For more than 25 years she was employed in Winchendon, Mass., with Rural Housing Improvement, Inc., providing services for low-income families. She is survived by her sons, Harry, Peter, and Stephen Greenwald, her daughter, Margot, five grandchildren, and a grandchild.

Wendell T. Starr '41

Wendell T. Starr '41, January 29, 2005, in Palo Alto, Calif., at 87. He served in the Navy from 1946 to 1948. A chemistry major, he worked with the General Electric Company for 23 years before moving to Raychem Corporation in California in 1971. He held three patents, published a large number of technical articles, received several prizes for distinguished technical achievement, and was an editor of Transactions on Electrical Insulation. He is survived by Anne, his wife of more than 60 years, three children, and three grandchildren.

Robert H. Talbot '41

Robert H. Talbot '41, September 19, 2004, in Nova Scotia, at 87. He was an RAF and USAF pilot and flight instructor during World War II and co-pilot or pilot with TWA, United Airlines, and several corporations. Later he operated a bookstore in Halifax, N.S. He is survived by his son, Paul Talbot.

William R. Conley '42

William R. Conley '42, October 7, 2004, in Lansing, Ill., at 83. He conducted a 50-year career in accounting and data processing management with several companies, including two years of service in the Army during World War II. He was active in Lansing community activities. He and his wife, Betty, parented three children and had four grandchildren.

Ann Jones Gilmore '42

Ann Jones Gilmore '42, February 11, 2005, in Scarborough, Maine, at 84. She taught English in high schools in Gorham and Winslow, Maine, before a 22-year teaching career at South Portland High School, where she also was a guidance counselor and director. Predeceased by her husband, John E. Gilmore '40, she is survived by her son, Richard S. Gilmore '66, her daughter, Susanne Gilmore MacArthur '68, five grandchildren, including W. Cory Snow '91, two great-grandchildren, her brother, Richard S. Jones '44, and a nephew, Richard S. Jones Jr. '72.

Edith Curtis Townsend '42

Edith Curtis Townsend '42, January 3, 2005, in Portsmouth, N.H., at 85. She attended the College briefly before her marriage in 1941. She is survived by two daughters and a son, seven grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren.

Marie Merrill Wysor '42

Marie Christine Merrill Wysor '42, January 19, 2005, in Portland, Maine, at 86. She worked for many years as a reference librarian at the Bethlehem (Pa.) Public Library. She and her husband, Philip B. Wysor '42, returned to Maine, where she volunteered at the Bowdoin College Art Museum and was a patron of the Portland Symphony Orchestra. She leaves two sons, Henry J. Wysor and Philip C. Wysor '70, a daughter, Ann Wysor Graham, four grandchildren, including Adam D. Wysor '95 and Jessica F. Wysor '03, one great-grandchild, and a nephew, Gregory M. Page '73.

Edwin W. Alexander '43

Edwin W. Alexander '43, February 22, 2005, in Bar Harbor, Maine, at 83. After service in the Army Air Force and Infantry during World War II he graduated from Andover Newton Theological School and served 38 years in seven Congregational Christian and United Church of Christ churches in four states. He is survived by his wife, Augusta-Marie Johnson Alexander '45, three daughters, including Susan Alexander Burnham '74 and Judith Alexander Hayward '80, a son, and four grandchildren.

Paul J. Murphy '43

Paul J. Murphy '43, October 28, 2004, in Albuquerque, N.M., at 84. He retired from the Air Force as a highly decorated veteran of 30 years of service in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. In retirement he gave flying lessons and piloted aircraft for private clients. He is survived by his wife of 60 years, Donna, three sons, three grandchildren, one great-grandchild, and a brother.

Virginia Howard Atherton '44

Virginia Howard Atherton '44, January 16, 2005, in Hartford, Conn., at 82. She was employed as a caseworker with the Schenectady County (N.Y.) Social Services and later as services coordinator at Baptist Retirement Center. She is survived by her husband of 50 years, William R. Atherton '48, two sons, two daughters, nine grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, and a niece, Ann Atherton Poulin '77.

Richard Daniel Goodridge '44

Richard D. Goodridge '44, , October 10, 2004, in Millinocket, Maine, at 81. He served with the Combat Infantry Division in World War II before completing his College degree. For more than 30 years he was employed by Great Northern Paper Company in East Millinocket, where he was active in the community. He is survived by his wife, Margaret, a daughter, a son, six grandchildren, two great-grandsons, a sister, and several nieces and nephews.

W. Harris Graf '44

W. Harris Graf '44, December 8, 2004, in Peabody, Mass., at 84. After graduation from Tufts Dental School he was a Navy dentist assigned to the Army Air Force on Okinawa during World War II. For the next 42 years he practiced dentistry in Reading, Mass. He is survived by his wife, Meredith, two daughters and a son, two stepchildren, and two grandchildren.

Barbara S. Soule Hoover '45

Barbara Soule Hoover '45, December 13, 2004, in Skidaway Island, Ga., at 81. She was an accountant and treasurer for A.D. Services, Inc., a company she and her husband operated in Savannah, Ga. She is survived by her husband, Donald P. Hoover, two sons, and a grandson.

Jean Rhodenizer Fontaine '46

Jean Rhodenizer Fontaine '46, December 9, 2004, in Winthrop, Maine, at 80. She earned a master's in English at the University of Maine and taught English for many years in Cape Elizabeth, Mount Blue, and Winthrop. Predeceased by her brother Harold Rhodenizer '42, she is survived by her husband, Raymond H. Fontaine, a son, a daughter, a brother, two sisters, including Constance Rhodenizer Knight '54, and several grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and cousins.

Rachel Clement Holman '48

Rachel Clement Holman '48, December 25, 2004, in Bangor, Maine, at 77. From the Cadet Nursing Program in Bangor she moved to the Veterans Administration Hospital in Framingham, Mass. Later she earned a degree in psychology and worked at the Brotman Memorial Psychiatric Hospital in Culver City, Calif., and at Eastern Maine General Hospital in Bangor. She is survived by her sons, Bryan and Charles Finnemore and Matthew Holman, nine grandchildren, a sister, two brothers, and 17 nieces and nephews.

Marie M. Machell Milliken '48

Marie Machell Milliken '48, August 9, 2004, in Grand Junction, Colo., at 77. She was the founding dean of the Rueckert-Hartman School of Health Professions at Regis University. She earned a nursing degree, a master's in psychiatric nursing, and a doctorate in administration in higher education at the University of Denver. She worked in public health in Washington. She is survived by her husband of 51 years, Gordon Milliken, two daughters, two sons, and a granddaughter.

David L. Evans '49

David L. Evans '49, September 25, 2004, in South Windsor, Conn., at 82. Following service with the Army Air Corps in the South Pacific in World War II he earned a master's in library science and served several years as librarian of the engineering section at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. For 28 years he headed the library at the Hartford Graduate Center of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He is survived by his wife of 54 years, Louise, three sons, two daughters, seven grandchildren, a sister, and many nieces and nephews.

Sally Mc Cormack McDonnell '49

Sally McCormack McDonnell '49, January 2, 2005, in New York, at 76. She retired in 1988 as a first grade teacher after 28 years in the Syracuse City School District. She is survived by her son, William "Sandy" McDonnell, two sisters, a cousin, and several nieces and nephews.

John R. Paquette '49

John R. Paquette '49, November 21, 2004, in Arlington, Va., at 80. He served in the Army Air Corps during World War II. He worked as a program analyst with the Navy's Ordinance Systems Command and at retirement was employed in the finance department at the Pentagon He is survived by his wife, Phyllis, a daughter and three sons, four grandchildren, a brother, and several nieces and nephews.

Patricia E. Jensen '50

Patricia E. Jensen '50, December 11, 2004, in Providence, R.I., at 75. She earned a master's in elementary education, a master's in library science, and a Ph.D. After teaching at Moses Brown School in Providence, R.I., and in New Canaan, Conn., schools she worked at URI's Graduate School of Library and Information Studies for 16 years. She was a consultant in library and media management, wrote scholarly articles, conducted workshops and seminars, and spoke at professional conferences. She leaves many friends.

Winslow W. Reed '50

Winslow W. Reed '50, January 20, 2005, in Springfield, Mass., at 76. After service in the Army he was a purchasing agent for the U.S. Envelope Company. He retired from American Optical as a marketing manager and worked as a residential real estate broker. He is survived by his wife of 50 years, Nancy, two daughters, four sons, 13 grandchildren, two brothers, and a sister.

Joan Withington Downes '51

Joan Withington Downes '51, January 12, 2005, in Kent, Conn., at 75. She retired as a probate court judge in 1991. Earlier she was a clerk in the probate court and also worked as a staff writer for the Waterbury Republican, Danbury News-Times, and Lakeville Journal. She was a tireless volunteer for a number of community service organizations. She leaves a son, Nicholas Downes, a daughter, Deborah W. Downes, two grandchildren, and two nephews.

Alan V. Halsey '51

Alan V. Halsey '51, November 25, 2004, in Wichita Falls, Texas, at 75. After serving with the Air Force he was for many years a Civil Service Training Instructor in missile electronic systems at Sheppard Air Force Base. Survivors include his wife, Joann S. Halsey, and a daughter and son.

William F. Cushman '52

William F. Cushman '52, November 2, 2004, in Texas, at 74. He received his M.D. from the University of Vermont. He worked in industrial medicine with Dow Chemical Co. and later operated a workplace drug testing business with his wife, Nancy. His wife and five children survive him.

Peter Honsberger '52

Peter Honsberger '52, February 15, 2005, in Augusta, Maine, at 75. He served in the Navy from 1951 to 1955. He worked for Alcoa Steamship Company in New York City, then was a sales representative for Carris Reels in Rutland, Vt., and, later, a sales manager for Sonoco Products in Hartselle, Ala. He is survived by his wife of 52 years, Elin Christenson Honsberger '52, two sons and a daughter, four grandchildren, a brother, Karl Honsberger '57, and two nieces and a nephew.

Judith Mayer Schneider '53

Judith Mayer Schneider '53, January 1, 2005, in Michigan, at 74. A homemaker, she also volunteered at the Detroit Zoological Institute. She is survived by her son and daughter, Jason and Martha Schneider, a granddaughter, and a sister.

Roger D. Shaw '53

Roger D. Shaw '53, November 19, 2004, in Sarasota, Fla., at 73. After service with the Army in Korea, he had a long career with A.C. Nielsen, retiring as vice president of marketing. Survivors include his wife of 46 years, Alice, a son, a grandson, and a sister.

Ruth Kesner Osborn '55

Ruth Kesner Osborn '55, November 25, 2001, in Arizona, at 66. Her long career in nursing and health services included emergency room supervisor in several hospitals, jail and prison medical manager, and instructor at Navajo Indian Health Service. Earlier she worked in law enforcement, including homicide investigation and service on the special presidential detail to presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon. She is survived by her husband, Paul Osborn, and a daughter.

Philip M. Tocantins '57

Philip M. Tocantins '57, February 7, 2005, in East Orleans, Mass., at 73. He served with the Army in the Korean Conflict. During his long career in advertising he was vice president of Batten, Barton, Durstine and Osborn and was associated with Redbook, Oui, and Theatre Crafts magazines, though his lifelong avocation was theater arts. He is survived by five children, Nina Papa and Michael, Terrence, Anthony, and Nicole Tocantins, a grandchild, and two nephews and a niece.

Terence Malley '59

Terrence Malley '59, July 8, 2004, in Tacoma, Wash., at 67. He received an M.A. at the University of Washington, where he also taught. He was the author of Richard Brautigan, a book in the "Writers for the 70s" series that he served as editor, and he was on the editorial board of NINE: A Journal of Baseball History and Culture. Survivors include his wife, Kathleen.

David E. Berman '62

David E. Berman '62, February 28, 2005, in Weymouth, Mass., at 66. After his professional football career was ended by injury he began a 40-year career in banking, which culminated in his position as COO and VP at Fiserv. An avid body builder, he won more than 20 titles, including Mister America Masters. He is survived by his son, James Berman, his daughter, Bridget Ordway, two grandchildren, his brother, his mother, and his niece, Cheri Bailey Powers '79.

Derek L. Warren '65

Derek L. Warren '65, January 4, 2005, in West Gardiner, Maine, at 61. He served in the Air Force Gemini program in Florida. Survivors include his sister, Paula Broydrick.

Henry Lee Thompson '69

Henry L. Thompson '69, September 1999, in Birmingham, Ala., at 55. He earned a J.D. at Harvard in 1972 and was a self-employed attorney who specialized in civil rights and employment discrimination law. He worked for the Birmingham city council, was director of the Birmingham Area Legal Services Program, ran for the state senate, and was a law instructor at a local law school. He and his wife, Joanice, had three sons, Cedric, Bakari, and Henry Jr.

William Lawhorne '71

W. Scott Lawhorne '71, October 27, 2004, in West Chester, Pa., at 55. After earning a master's in education he operated his own financial advisory business. He is survived by his wife, Penny, a daughter, his father, and two sisters.