Reaching the World

Reaching the World

Capital campaign kicks off with emphasis on ensuring Colby experience is accessible to all qualified students

By Stephen Collins ‰74

Ammons noted that many alumni/ae will be involved in the campaign by way of their Annual Fund gifts, which count toward the campaign total. But he also acknowledged that the campaign is an opportunity to mobilize donors and to ramp up goals and participation rates and the size of gifts.

The framework of the new Diamond Building, a major academic initiative that will offer new opportunities in social sciences and interdisciplinary studies. The Diamond Building is part of a dramatic expansion of facilities included in the Strategic Plan for Colby, launched in 2002.
Lisa Tessler, director of donor relations and the person coordinating the upcoming kickoff events, said those events are geared toward communicating "how Colby is going to put the strategic plan into action.— She said the events need to convey both the enormous pride that alumni/ae have for the institution and a sense of the impressive directions in which the College is going.

Co-chairing the new campaign will be two members of the Board of Trustees, Larry Pugh '56 and Bob Diamond '73.

Pugh stresses the importance of building resources for scholarships and financial aid. He notes that despite generous contributions from alumni/ae and friends that have substantially increased the size of Colby's endowment in recent years, "we're still in the bottom third among the NESCAC schools.— Priorities for this campaign, he said, are, "to make Colby an even stronger educational institution for the 1,800 students who attend every year,— and "to keep us among the most highly ranked competition in the world of higher education.—

Diamond, president of Barclays PLC and CEO of Barclays Investment Banking and Investment Management, said he is co-chairing the campaign because, "I believe in what Colby stands for, and I believe in the value of a great liberal arts education.— Calling his service to the College "a labor of love,— Diamond said, "Our competitive position is very strong. This campaign is all about Colby seizing its place in the world.—

Nancy Greer Weiland '65, a trustee who is vice chair of the campaign, said that meeting higher Annual Fund goals is critical to the overall success of the campaign. Individual Annual Fund gifts are important to Colby's reputation, she said, because "they are used as an index of how attached and loyal alumni are to the College.— For that reason it is important for this campaign to re-engage non-givers and people who have contributed only sporadically. "Colby needs them,— she said.

The theme of "community,— reflecting both the active community life that endures on Mayflower Hill as well as the strong spirit of affiliation that alumni/ae feel for Colby, will play an important role in the kickoff events. And throughout the upcoming campaign, those communities are expected to energize one another: alumni/ae should be inspired by the remarkable students and programs of Colby in the 21st century, and Colby students and faculty of today will be buoyed by the support from generations of students who went before, Ammons said.