Wit & Wisdom



"I'm just so, like, beyond stress that
I'm not stressing."

Student overheard in Spa a week before final exams.

"I came for the good weather."

Buffalo, New York, native Professor L. Sandy Maisel, explaining how he came to Colby and Maine in an interview for Internationalizing the Campus 2005.

"We were reminiscing just a moment
ago about the lovely French dinners
we had at the Chez Paree."

Kurt Swenson '67, at the dedication of the Schair-Swenson-Watson Alumni Center, relating a conversation with friends.

""I lost 90 pounds the first year and
no one noticed."

Cathi Lee, Alumni Relations secretary, in story about how she lost 330 pounds, without bypass surgery, crash dieting, or diet pills"a feat that landed her on The Today Show and in People magazine.

"How is it that people without names or faces have so much to say about
our government?"

Assistant Managing Editor of the Boston Globe Walter Robinson, speaking in a Goldfarb Center panel discussion about anonymous sources. Robinson led the team
that exposed the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic church.

"Colby has reached such a state of excellence that you need a Bowdoin degree to mow the lawn."

Senator George Mitchell, quoting his father, who was a custodian at Colby, and who helped him get a job on the grounds crew after he graduated from Bowdoin.