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The End

The End
Divisive demise of Colby's fraternities was the end of a tradition and the beginning of a new era.


Advice from the Real World

Advice from the Real World
Recent graduates send back nuggets of post-Colby wisdom


Farm Hands

Farm Hands
With a fresh perspective, Colbians join farming's next generation.



From the Hill

Fishing for Clues

Lynn Hannum spent her childhood in Monmouth, Maine, halfway between the Androscoggin and the Kennebec rivers. More than anything else about those two historic waterways, she remembers the stench. "Water Street in Augusta was terrible," she said. "You could barely stand to breathe."

Back for the Future

With eyes on their own curriculum, Waterville High School social studies teachers attend Colby

Lincoln Redux

Doris Kearns Goodwin plays new light on the most scrutinized president

Of Good Men and Great Places

High Country is a compelling journey - by mule - through the true American West

Educational Mission Dictates College's Cost

Recent Releases

Q&A: Warming to Engineering

Q&A session with Nilanjana "Nel" Dutt '05

Colby skiers shoot for 2010 Olympics

Jenny Lathrop and Warner Nickerson set their sights on the pinnacle of their sport

No Business Like e-Business

Keyen Farrell is among young entrepeneurs using Web to build early business success

Wondering About Mr. Wonderful

At Colby there was "the guy" who was the perfect specimin of cool. I used to watch him drink his coffee black in Dana dining hall—with only a little sprinkle of sugar.



Dorean Corson Maines '67

a breath of fresh air

Sonny Omatseye '79

colby in the delta

Barbara Duncan Marchetti '84

life in the balance

Jeanette Gribben '02

art from the heart

Alumni Class Notes


Editorial & Opinion

From the Editor

If Professor Emeritus Douglas Archibald's essay ("Being a Liberal," winter 2006 Colby) had appeared in another publication--the op-ed page of the New York Times or the Boston Globe--it might not have raised such a stir. But presented as The Last Page offering in Colby, Archibald's comparison of the place of the liberal today and in the Sixties--and his pointed criticism of the policies of the Bush Administration--moved some alumni to weigh in from the right.

Three letters appear on page three of this issue. References have appeared in conservative blogs. Another... Read more »



  • image Jane Brox '78 ("A Farm's Many Lives") published her third book, Clearing Land: Legacies of the American Farm, in September 2004. She's currently working on a book about artificial illumination and rural electrification. She lives in Brunswick, Maine, and teaches in the low-residency M.F.A. program at Lesley University in Cambridge, Mass.

    image Julia Hanauer-Milne ("The End") is a freelance writer and teacher who lives in Sidney, Maine. A former daily newspaper reporter and primary school teacher, she is working as a consultant to a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation fellowship and is teaching in the Waterville Adult Education program.

    image Molly Pindell '99 ("Farm Hands") writes, cooks, and works at a goat dairy in Boulder, Colo. A professionally trained chef and farm enthusiast, her freelance writing focuses on the intersection of food, farming, and sustainability. Recent works have appeared in Sierra, Delicious Living, and Colorado Daily.