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"First of all, you should all become teachers. If you've got other plans, sorry."
Caleb Dolan '96, principal of KIPP Gaston College Prep, a charter school in Gaston, N.C., speaking to students who attended a panel discussion "Transforming Education in Poor Communities," at Colby in March.

"We manage to keep busy, mainly because it takes twice as long to do anything."
Janice Tappin Lowell Whittemore '44, in Colby class notes.

"I was a little discouraged for a moment that they had a man playing me, but I got over it. After all, a man played me for years."
Professor Jennifer Finney Boylan, quoted in the Echo, reacting to a March 4 Saturday Night Live skit that was a parody of a Larry King Live show where she was interviewed about being transgendered.

"The devil ain't got no music. All music is the Lord's music."
Gospel legend and rock 'n' roll hall of fame member Mavis Staples, on February 12 in Lorimer Chapel, talking about concerns over The Staple Singers bringing blues music into churches and gospel music into nightclubs.

"Want to know the secret of success in teaching? Never teach a course for the first time."
Advice that Joe Reisert (government) says he got from his senior colleague Cal Mackenzie.

"I'm as proud of Seth as a person"and maybe even more so"than I am of Seth as a snowboarder."
Retired track and field and cross country coach Jim Wescott, reflecting on his son's Olympic gold in snowboard cross and the impact Seth has made on the children of Maine.
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