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"I knew it was time for a new job when one of my students became a vice president."
Former Vice President for Student Affairs Janice Kassman, now special assistant to the president for external affairs, referring to Doug Terp '84, vice president for administration.

"I didn't want all this accuracy to interfere with the plan that I had."
Doug Archibald (professor of English, emeritus) at Registrar George Coleman's retirement reception, recalling how Coleman wouldn't let him, as dean of faculty, "fudge the numbers" to get class sections scheduled.

"I like to say that the same things that got me kicked out of convent school won me a Pulitzer."

Anna Quindlen, on her candor, in an interview with WCSH-TV (NBC in Portland) conducted in the Schair-Swenson-Watson Alumni Center the day before she delivered the 2006 Commencement address.

"Ambition was not one of the seven deadly sins, it was worse."
History professor Jason Opal at the Class of 1976 reunion dinner, talking about how the ambition of the $235-million Reaching the World campaign would have been viewed in Colonial days.

"E Coli Happens"
Tee shirt in Arey, worn by Professor of Biology Frank Fekete, whose primary expertise is "microbial physiology."

"The 'ting' doesn't have to happen."
Director of Dining Services Varun Avasthi at the Alumni Relations Etiquette Dinner for seniors and area alumni, explaining that a toast at a business function does not require glasses to touch if that means leaning over the table and dragging one's necktie through the gravy.
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