A Learning Opportunity


It's one thing to travel abroad to fascinating places. It's another to travel with a faculty member who shares knowledge of a place gathered through decades of study. That's what alumni will do with Professor Nikki-Guninder K. Singh in India in February as alumni travel/study trips attract both alumni and renowned faculty.


What could be better than a two-week tour of India's Golden Triangle? A tour led by Colby's Crawford Family Professor of Religion Nikky-Guninder K. Singh, an author and scholar who grew up in India and is an expert on Sikh religions.

Singh, who accompanied a trip to India last year for Wellesley College alumni (her alma mater), is one of a slate of accomplished faculty from Colby, Bates, and Hamilton to share their knowledge on alumni trips offered jointly by the three colleges in coming months.

"You have a fellow traveler who is an expert on the area as well," said Colby Director of Alumni Relations Margaret Viens '77. "Every moment is a learning opportunity."

The India Trip is scheduled for Feb. 25-March 10, 2007. Also on tap for next year are travel/study trips to South Africa, including Stellenbosch in the Cape wine country, Soweto and a side trip to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Zambia (Jan. 22-Feb. 4). Colby History Professor Larissa Taylor, an expert on medieval religion and French culture, will lead a trip to France's Provence region and the C�c3;´te D'Azur (May 31-June 11).

Viens said the trips offer faculty-led discussions"and an opportunity to go beyond the experience of typical tourists. "You're not missing the tourist things but you're getting an insider's view of those things," she said.

During a visit to China in 2006, the travel/study group a visited the Great Wall, but bypassed the tourist-clogged portion of the wall near Beijing , Viens said. Instead, the group visited a portion of the historic landmark 50 miles from the city. "The day we were there, we were the only people in sight," she said.

A complete listing of trips and itineraries is online at http://www.colby.edu/alumni/travel-study/2007.html.