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Obituaries from the Summer 2006 Colby Magazine

Stanley C. Brown '26

Stanley C. Brown ’26, March 14, 2006, in Reading, Mass., at 101. He worked sheet metal during World War II and then for H.P. Hood & Sons milk company until he retired in 1969. He designed and made colonial lanterns until he was 85. A lover of music, he played the organ and piano. His son, Channing, his daughters, Sally, Marjorie, and Susan Grant, his sister, his cousin, George Thomas Pugsley ’34, and two grandchildren survive him.

Olive Fowler Burgess '26

Olive F. Burgess ’26, January 5, 2006, in Casco, Maine, at 100. A graduate of Farmington State Teacher’s College, she taught for 25 years in Casco schools and was principal of the Casco Memorial School before retiring in 1953. A member of the Casco Grange, she founded the local 4H Club Aim High. She is survived by her daughter, Georgette, and a brother.

Marion Sprowl Williamson '27

Marion Sprowl Williamson ’27, April 2, 2006, in Green Valley, Ariz., at 103. She received her master’s from NYU in 1941 and taught Latin in Goshen, N.Y., for 39 years. Traveler, volunteer, and reader, she possessed a sharp wit and rich sense of humor. She was active in her church and with the PEO Sisterhood. She is survived by nieces and nephews and a sister-in-law.

F. Elizabeth Libbey Crawford '29

F. Elizabeth Libbey Crawford ’29, April 30, 2006, in Hamburg, N.Y., at 99. She earned a bachelor’s and a master’s at Columbia while working in libraries for more than 40 years. She served as associate librarian and associate professor at Colby until she retired in 1971. Colby awarded her the Colby Brick in 1970 and an honorary degree in 1971. Her nephew, Maurice C. Libbey ’56, survives her.

Thelma Snow Pierce '30

Thelma Snow Pierce ’30, April 9, 2006, in Bangor, Maine, at 96. A schoolteacher in several Maine towns, she was involved with Cub Scouts and the Methodist church. She enjoyed theater, traveling, and camping. Her son, David, two grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren survive her.

Louise A. Armstrong Ray '30

Louise Armstrong Ray ’30, April 4, 2006, in Waterville, Maine, at 97. A dedicated homemaker and mother, she loved flowers, cooking, and traveling the back roads of Maine. Predeceased by her sister, Ruth Armstrong Bickmore ’33, and brothers, Donald ’26 and Gerald ’39, she is survived by her three sons, Herbert, Arthur, and Robert, a brother, and two granddaughters.

Bernadine Libby Marcou '32

Bernadine L’Abbe Marcou ’32, May 31, 2006, in Portland, Maine, at 94. She was the director of medical records at Mercy Hospital in Portland, loved to ice skate, and always kept a journal. Her husband of 61 years, Rossiter ’36, a grandson, and a sister survive her.

Soli Morris '33

Soli Morris ’33, M.D., January 26, 2006, in New Port Richey, Fla., at 93. A graduate of NYU Medical School, he worked as a physician in Massachusetts and later moved to Florida. He is survived by three daughters, Judith Foster, Priscilla Morris, and Jane Morris, and two grandchildren.

Clyde W. Skillin '33

Clyde W. Skillin ’33, March 10, 2006, in Danvers, Mass., at 95. A World War II Army veteran, he served for three years in Europe as a master sergeant. A retail executive with Almy Stores in New England, he served as a deacon and trustee of his church. Several nieces and nephews, including Robert J. Wallace ’81, and his cousin, Ann Hillman Barrows ’49, survive him

Mary Smith Strout '33

Mary Smith Strout ’33, June 2, 2006, in Presque Isle, Maine, at 93. She was a high school teacher for 29 years in several northern Maine towns. Her son, Allen, and her grandson survive her.

Madelyn Higgins Stanley '34

Madelyn Higgins Stanley ’34, February 26, 2006, in Winthrop, Maine, at 93. For many years she ran the Hampden (Maine) IGA grocery store with her husband. After earning a master’s in education from the University of Maine in 1969, she taught eighth grade until retiring in 1977. Numerous organizations benefited from her leadership including the Daughters of the American Revolution. She is survived by her son, John, her daughter, Susan Thomas, her sister, Mina Higgins Phinney ’30, two grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

Howard O. Sweet '36

Howard O. Sweet ’36, January 1, 2006, in Nazareth, Pa., at 91. Initially a teacher, he earned a Purple Heart and Bronze Star as a World War II Army captain. After service he earned master’s degrees in journalism and education from Columbia and worked as an editor for the Civic Education Service in Washington, D.C., and senior editor for Silver Burdett in New Jersey, before retiring in 1984. He is survived by his wife of 58 years, Violet, four daughters, one son, nine grandchildren, and one great-grandson.

Janet G. Goodridge Sawyer '37

Janet Goodridge Sawyer ’37, February 24, 2006, in New London, N.H., at 90. She was a member of the First Baptist Church in New London and an ardent bridge player. She is survived by her husband of 68 years, Richard S. Sawyer ’35, a daughter, two grandchildren, and a sister.

Alfred W. Beerbaum '38

Alfred W. Beerbaum ’38, April 25, 2006, in Petaluma, Calif., at 91. He earned his master’s from the University of North Carolina in 1940 and his doctorate from NYU in 1950. He served in the Army in World War II, taught at universities in the United States, and worked at Department of Defense schools in his native Germany.

Charles A. Macgregor '38

Charles A. Macgregor ’38, April 21, 2006, in Greenfield, Mass., at 89. He graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1942 and began surgical training before becoming a medical officer in World War II. In 1955 he became a general surgeon until his retirement in 1981. Volunteer, author, board member, and tree farmer, he died one week after his wife of 62 years, “Tucker.” His sons, Charles Jr. ’73 and Douglas, daughters Betsy Terry and Jane Collett, a sister, and seven grandchildren survive him.

John S. Pullen '38

John S. Pullen ’38, May 21, 2006, in Ellsworth, Maine, at 89. He received his law degree in 1941 from Harvard and practiced law in Maine until 1980. His served in the Army from 1942 to 1946 and again during 1951. He loved baseball and umpired high school games. Predeceased by his wife, Edna Slater ’40, his father, Horace ’11, his uncle, Varney 1899, and cousins, Stanwood ’35 and Isa Putnam Johnson ’30, he is survived by three children, Lynne Pullen Carlisle ’68, Barbara Harmon, and Donald, as well as two brothers, including Robert ’41, four grandchildren, and six nieces.

Walter B. Rideout '38

Walter B. Rideout ’38, April 8, 2006, in Madison, Wis., at 88. He earned his master’s at Harvard in 1939 then served in the Navy during World War II deciphering Japanese codes. He received his doctorate from Harvard in 1950 and taught English until 1986, first at Northwestern then at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He wrote extensively, including several books, and lectured around the world. Colby awarded him a Distinguished Educator Award in 1993. His wife, Jeanette Drisko ’39, three children, six grandchildren, and one great-grandson survive him. He was predeceased by his brother, John ’36.

Jessie W. Adams Roach '38

Jessie Adams Roach ’38, April 9, 2006, in Yarmouth, Maine, at 91. A registered nurse, she worked in hospitals in Maine. She volunteered with hospital auxiliaries and various church organizations. Predeceased by her husband, Asa ’36, and her brother, Erwin ’29, she is survived by her four children, Mary Putney, Eileen Erwin, Dennis, and Stephen, and five grandchildren.

G. Allan Brown '39

G. Allan Brown ’39, March 12, 2006, in Martinsville, Va., at 89. For 21 years he worked as a manager with American Airlines, then was appointed executive assistant for the U.S. Postal Service by President Kennedy. He retired in 1981 after 21 years. In his retirement he worked with various groups on ministry with the aging. His wife of 64 years, Priscilla, two daughters, three grandchildren, and one great-granddaughter survive him.

Paul S. Bubar '39

Paul Bubar ’39, April 13, 2006, in Manchester, N.H., at 89. After his service in the Army during World War II, he worked as a bookkeeper until he retired in 1981. Predeceased by his brother, Harley ’40, he is survived by his wife of 53 years, Alice, two sons, three grandchildren, and several nieces and nephews, including John Bubar ’68 and James Bubar ’72.

John W. Tarr '39

John W. Tarr ’39, February 6, 2006, in Augusta, Maine, at 88. After serving in the Army Air Corps during World War II, he studied at the University of Pennsylvania and earned a master’s in counseling psychology from Boston University. For 30 years he worked at Maine’s Togus Veterans Affairs Medical Center, first as a counseling psychologist and later as chief of counseling and rehabilitation. He is survived by his wife of 60 years, Priscilla, a daughter, and two grandsons.

John Worster '39

John Worster ’39, November 13, 2005, in West Palm Beach, Fla., at 89. He served in the Army Air Corps during World War II then worked as a real estate appraiser and broker. His daughters, Caroline Henning and Jan Worster, his son, J. Ronald, ten grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren survive him.

Edna Slater Pullen '40

Edna Slater Pullen ’40, April 1, 2006, in Ellsworth, Maine, at 87. In addition to raising her family, she taught English at Ellsworth High School from 1961 to 1971. She involved herself in many church and community organizations and she loved bridge and golf. Her husband of 63 years, John ’38 died the following month; her daughters Lynn Carlisle ’68 and Barbara Harmon, a son, Donald, four grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren survive her.

Marion Mc Ardle Burnham '41

Marion Mc Ardle Burnham ’41, May 11, 2006, in Waterville, Maine, at 84. A pioneer in Waterville, she led the first Girl Scout troops and directed the first program for seniors. She worked for the YMCA and volunteered with many health organizations. Predeceased by her husband, Paul ’41, she is survived by her son, Paul Jr., her daughter, Susan Angell, a daughter-in-law, Nancy Newell Burnham ’65, four grandchildren, including, Kimberly Burnham Nashed ’86, two nieces, and seven great-grandchildren.

Edwin A. Toolis '41

Edwin A. Toolis ’41, December 6, 2005, in Modesto, Calif., at 88. He established his career in industry, holding administrative positions in finance, manufacturing, and operations. His wife, Violet, survives him.

Robinson D. Burbank '42

Robinson D. Burbank ’42, February 9, 2006, in Summit, N.J., at 84. A scientist, he worked during World War II on the Manhattan Project at MIT, where he earned his doctorate in 1950. He worked at Bell Laboratories as a physicist until he retired in 1986. An avid skier, he was also a patron of the arts. He is survived by his son, Paul, and daughter, Claudia, his cousins, Nancy Burbank Allured ’47 and Ellen B. Haweeli ’69, and two granddaughters. His mother, Hazel Robinson Burbank ’17, predeceased him.

Elizabeth Tupper Nichols '43

Elizabeth Tupper Nichols ’43, June 30, 2006, in Augusta, Maine, at 84. A devoted wife and mother, she was a beautician in Augusta, Maine, for many years. Her husband, Herman “Red,” four daughters, three granddaughters, and two great-grandchildren survive her.

Geraldine Fennessy Parker '43

Geraldine Fennessy Parker ’43, February 7, 2006, in Bradenton, Fla., at 84. After raising her family she taught second and third grade for 10 years, retiring in 1982. She earned her master’s in education from Temple University in 1978. She was a member of the Women’s Club of Erdenheim for 54 years. Predeceased by her uncle, Robert E. Sullivan ’19, she is survived by her husband, George A. Parker. Jr. ’42, two sons, including David B. Parker ’68, a daughter, 10 grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

E. Joy Paddison Cook '44

E. Joy Paddison Cook ’44, January 27, 2006, in Schroon Lake, N.Y., at 83. She pursued graduate work at Columbia and worked in public relations and as a real estate broker, once being named Real Estate Sales Associate of the Year for her Maryland county. A member of the Adirondack Art Association, she enjoyed exhibiting her watercolors. She had three sons, John and Timothy Gardner and Dennis Regan, and several grandchildren.

Hyman L. Hillson '44

Hyman L. Hillson ’44, November 2, 2005, in Sarasota, Fla., at 85. Drafted in World War II, he served as an Air Force B-17 mechanic in England. He worked in the men’s garment industry and was proud of his Jewish heritage. He is survived by his wife of 62 years, Barbara, four children, and three grandchildren.

Priscilla Tallman Miller '44

Priscilla Tallman Miller ’44, November 11, 2005, in Rhode Island at 83. After receiving her master’s in 1949 from Boston University, she worked as a social worker, mostly in hospitals. She worked for 25 years for the Connecticut State Health Department.

Evelyn Gates Moriarty '44

Evelyn Gates Moriarty ’44, February 23, 2006, in Westwood, Mass., at 84. A high school bookkeeper for 15 years, she actively volunteered with hospitals and her church. In 1989 she and her husband received a Colby Brick Award. She is survived by her sons, Richard ’68 and David, her daughter and son-in-law Cheryl ’70 and George L. Higgins III ’69, her daughter Kathy Silverman, her sister, and 10 grandchildren including Jennifer A. Higgins ’97. Her husband, James W. ’43, father, Gordon Gates ’19, and mother, Helen Baldwin Gates ’19 predeceased her.

Robert W. Sillen '44

Robert W. Sillen ’44, November 14, 2005, in Belmont, Mass., at 83. His passion for libraries led him to a long career as a library cataloger and administrator. He earned a bachelor’s in library science from Simmons College in 1946 and a master’s in English from Westfield State College in 1973. He served as trustee for the Quincy, Mass., Historical Society and he loved cats. He is survived by his niece, Martha S. Mugar.

Katharine Faxon Anderson '45

Katharine Faxon Anderson ’45, March 9, 2006, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, at 81. A schoolteacher for 42 years, she was one of the first Title I reading specialists in California. She enjoyed the outdoors, especially fishing and bird hunting. Her husband of 60 years, Bud, two sons, one daughter, a brother, seven grandchildren, three great grandchildren, and her niece, Ruth Flagg Lyon ’53, survive her.

Hannah Osborne Boynton '45

Hannah Osborne Boynton ’45, March 29, 2006, in Homestead, Fla., at 83. A homemaker, she is remembered for her gentleness, wit, and love of the English language. Her daughters Molly Fisher and Jeannie Falker, her brother, Charles P. Osborne ’44, her cousin, Hannah Putnam Burbank ’41, and five granddaughters survive her. Her uncles H. H. Putnam 1897, Varney Putnam 1899, and Edgar B. Putnam 1901, and cousin Aaron M. Parker ’34, predeceased her.

Arnold Grossman '45

Arnold Grossman ’45, March 11, 2006, in East Falmouth, Mass., at 81. His 42-year dentistry career began after his graduation from Loyola University in 1947. He served as a lieutenant in the U.S. Naval Reserve Dental Corps during the Korean War. After retiring from dentistry in 1988 he taught at Tufts Dental School. A yachtsman and golfer, he supported the Jewish community. His wife, Hope, sons Thomas ’77 and Peter, daughter Jill Crovitz, six grandchildren, and a sister survive him.

Ruth Rosenberg Medalia '45

Ruth Rosenberg Medalia ’45, December 3, 2005, in Hartsdale, N.Y., at 81. After raising her family, she earned her master’s in 1972 from Lesley College. She tutored children with learning disabilities for the Cambridge, Mass., school district and worked with the homeless. She belonged to the League of Women Voters and was active with Harvard’s Institute for Learning in Retirement. She is survived by her three daughters Elizabeth, Susan, and Alice, and several grandchildren.

Naomi C. Collett Paganelli '45

Naomi Collett Paganelli ’45, February 11, 2006, in Bloomfield, Conn., at 82. An inveterate New Yorker, she lived in Greenwich Village for nearly 60 years. She worked for Harper & Row Publishers in the college textbook division, retiring in 1986. She was listed in Who’s Who of American Women and Foremost Women in Communications. Although well traveled, she committed herself to preserving the character of her community by working with the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation. Her brother, Dick, three nieces, and one nephew survive her.

Anne Calder Dick '46

Anne Calder Dick '46, , March 1, 2006, in Lowell, Mass., at 81. She worked as a medical librarian for several hospitals in the greater Boston area until she retired. She is survived by her son, John, her daughter, Grace Kushmerek, and four grandchildren.

Elizabeth Scalise Kilham '46

Elizabeth Scalise Kilham ’46, March 4, 2006, in Peabody, Mass., at 81. Known as Bette Day, she was one of the early women broadcasters with a daily radio show in greater Boston, playing Big Band music and providing commentary. She also taught communications and broadcasting at Emerson College. She is survived by her son, Christopher, her brother, Vic Scalise Jr. ’54, and numerous nieces and nephews, including Douglas Scalise ’86.

Courtney H. Simpson '46

Courtney H. Simpson Jr. ’46, June 28, 2006, in Yarmouthport, Mass., at 84. After serving in the Navy as an aviation cadet, he earned his degree from NYU and practiced dentistry for more than 40 years. Humorous and caring, he was also a gamekeeper and forester. His wife of 54 years, Dorothy, his children, Peter ’85, Prudence Sullivan, and Suzanne Nolen, and three grandchildren survive him.

Arline Richards Copple '47

Arline Richards Copple ’47, April 14, 2006, in Augusta, Maine, at 93. She received her master’s from Northeastern in 1960 and was an avid reader. Her daughters, Anne Palmer and Elizabeth Benowitz, her cousin, and four grandchildren survive her.

Elinor Farnham Frolio '47

Elinor Farnham Frolio ’47, May 30, 2006, in New Bedford, Mass., at 80. A social worker, she worked in Massachusetts local and state agencies until 1990. She helped established the Episcopal Church in Padanaram, Mass., and was an avid gardener. Her husband of 57 years, Stanley ’47, her daughter, Sara Frolio O'Leary ’79, two sons, Charles and David, a sister, Jane Farnham Wood ’45, a brother, and five grandchildren survive her.

Kenneth August Morton '47

Kenneth A. Morton ’47, January 20, 2006, in Allentown, Pa., at 83. A Navy lieutenant commander, he served in World War II and Korea. He worked as a hospital comptroller, owned the Morton Drive-In, and built, owned, and operated the Edgewater Motor Lodge on Cape Cod. A member of several boards, he was a founding member of Lehigh County Community College and Vocational-Technical School. He is survived by his wife of 53 years, Mary, a daughter, two grandchildren, and a brother.

Alice Billington Rex '47

Alice Billington Rex ’47, February 12, 2006, in Fairhaven, Mass., at 81. After raising her family, she worked in her family business, Rex Monuments, for many years. Along with her late husband, she was a founder of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Dartmouth, N.H., and volunteered at St. Luke’s Hospital in New Bedford, N.H. She is survived by three daughters, Elizabeth Rex Mackie ’78, Nancy Earnheart, and Susan Adams, three sons, Bruce, Donald Jr., and Thomas Rex, five grandchildren, and six step-grandchildren.

R. Fay Klafstad Carpenter '49

R. Fay Klafstad Carpenter ’49, March 10, 2006, in Meredith, N.H., at 78. An active community member, she taught school in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, for 10 years before moving to Rangeley, Maine, in 1973, where she and her husband restored and operated the Rangeley Inn. In 1996 they established the Meredith Inn in Meredith, N.H. She is survived by her husband of 54 years, Edward, four daughters, one son, two sisters, including Julie Klafstad Runnells ’60, and four grandchildren.

Constance Brackett Crossman '51

Constance Brackett Crossman ’51, March 18, 2006, in Vallejo, Calif., at 76. She taught school for several years in Massachusetts and California.

Robert B. Daggett '51

Rev. Robert B. Daggett ’51, April 7, 2006, in Concord, N.H. at 82. A World War II Army vet, he received two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star. He became an ordained minister in 1965 and retired in 1986. His father, Cecil 1903, brothers, Horace ’33, Cecil Jr. ’38, and John ’41, sisters, Dorothy Daggett Johnston ’28, Ruth Daggett Fuller ’29, and Martha Daggett Riefe ’50, predeceased him. Two sons, Thomas and Timothy, a granddaughter, an aunt, Susan Daggett Dean ’67, and uncle, John D. Johnston Jr. ’55, survive him.

Robert L. Gabriel '51

Robert L. Gabriel ’51, February 4, 2006, in Nashua, N.H., at 78. A World War II veteran, he served in the 11th Airborne division. He worked as a directory-advertising salesman for the New England Telephone Company for more than 30 years, served two terms in the New Hampshire legislature, and coached and officiated youth football. He is survived by his wife of more than 50 years, Alice, with whom he raised four sons and a daughter, and had several grandchildren.

Robert B. Hawkins '51

Robert B. Hawkins ’51, February 11, 2006, in Augusta, Maine, at 82. A World War II Marine Corps veteran, he later worked as a radio announcer and news director. In the late 1960s he began a career in state government, retiring in 1990 as a grant writer for the Department of Education. An avid weightlifter, he won several Maine state titles and set a New England welterweight record. He is survived by his wife of 58 years, Arline, two sons, four grandsons, and a brother.

L. Richard Thompson '51

L. Richard Thompson ’51, June 15, 2006, in Hallowell, Maine, at 76. He worked for New England Telephone for many years. Predeceased by his mother, Stella Greenlaw Thompson ’20, he is survived by his wife of 56 years, Nancy Weber Thompson ’51, his daughter, Laurice Thompson Lee ’74, and his son, Peter ’76.

Richard A. Vose '51

Richard A. Vose ’51, April 17, 2006, in Salem, Mass., at 78. A World War II Army veteran, he worked for John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance for more than 30 years, retiring as vice president in 1987. His wife of 53 years, Eileen, six sons, a daughter, a brother, and 13 grandchildren survive him.

Marcia Curtis '53

Marcia Curtis ’53, April 25, 2006, in Charleston, S.C., at 74. She earned her master’s in nursing from Yale in 1957 and her Ed.D. from Boston University in 1969. She practiced nursing in Massachusetts and served in the Navy Nurse Corps. In 1968 she moved to the Medical University of South Carolina, where she taught and was Dean of the College of Nursing until she retired in 1985. Colby awarded her a Distinguished Alumna award in 1993.

Kent Dickerman '53

G. Kent Dickerman ’53, January 30, 2006, in St. Paul, Minn., at 75. A ham radio operator, he worked as an engineer at Consolidated Papers in Wisconsin for many years. He is survived by his wife, Ariel, two sisters, and 15 nieces and nephews.

Franklin King '53

Franklin King III ’53, January 15, 2006, in Northampton, Mass., at 74. After earning an MBA from the Wharton School in 1955, he served in the Army for two years. He then worked briefly for The Hartford Insurance Company before joining his father’s company, King & Cushman Insurance Inc., in 1957, from which he retired as president in 1997. He is survived by his wife of 50 years, Barbara Burg King ’55, two sons, two daughters, 12 grandchildren, a brother, and two sisters.

Thomas P. Davis '54

Thomas P. Davis ’54, June 9, 2006, in Arlington, Va., at 75. He served two years in the Army, then made his career working for the U.S. Customs Service in the U.S. and in Germany. He had a lifelong interest in sports and loved animals, especially his dogs. His wife, Leticia, his son, his sister and brother, five nephews and one niece survive him.

A. Lawrence Peirson '54

A. Lawrence Peirson III ’54, March 13, 2006, in Woods Hole, Mass., at 73. A geologist, “Jake” earned his master’s from Stanford in 1956 and worked in Venezuela until 1965. He earned his MBA from Boston University in 1967 then worked for Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution until he retired in 1996. He is survived by his wife, Ann Maria, three sons, A. Lawrence IV ’87, Eric, and Stefan, six grandchildren, a sister, and two nephews.

Wallace Ward '54

Wallace Ward ’54, January 26, 2006, in Henderson, Nev., at 73. In 1957 he earned his doctorate in chemistry from the State University of Iowa, then worked for nine years as a research chemist for DuPont. He started I & O Publishing in 1968 and served as president, publisher, and editor, writing many books and articles under various pen names.

Glen P. Goffin '58

Glen P. Goffin ’58, November 25, 2005, in Fruitland Park, Fla, at 75. He joined the Air Force in 1959 and became a decorated B-52 pilot, earning 44 medals and ribbons before retiring in 1980 as a lieutenant colonel. He received his master’s from the University of Southern California in 1978. Predeceased by his uncle, Herman O. Goffin ’16, he is survived by his cousin, Hoover R. Goffin ’41.

Ludmila W. Winter Hoffman '58

Ludmila Winter Hoffman ’58, June 13, 2006, in Ogunquit, Maine, at 70. She received her doctorate in psychology in 1977 and practiced clinical psychology for more than 30 years in the Boston area. Engaged in her communities, she advocated for social services and was active in progressive politics. Her husband, Herbert, a daughter, a son, and a granddaughter survive her.

Richard S. Waterman '58

Richard S. Waterman ’58, May 10, 2006, in Southern Pines, N.C., at 76. An Air Force veteran of the Korean War, he worked in sales for Dow Chemical and was president of Waterstitch Company. He was an avid golfer, he loved the Atlanta Braves, and he collected and restored VW Beetles. His brother, Proctor, and three nieces, including Mary Lou Waterman Tolette ’86, survive him.

Edward J. Burke '60

Edward J. Burke Jr. ’60, April 28, 2006, in Fremont, N.H., at 68. He taught English and coached at high schools in Maine and New Hampshire, earning his master’s from UNH in 1967. He coached varsity basketball at Colby from 1964 until 1970 and became alumni secretary in 1971. Later, he worked as a banker until his early retirement. His wife, Betsy Perry Burke ’61, his sons, Mark ’86, Brian, and Peter, his brother, Robert ’61, seven grandchildren, and several nephews and nieces, including Kelly Burke Corwen ’83, survive him.

Sally Martin Maule '60

Sally Martin Maule ’60, May 25, 2006, in Kitchener, Ontario, at 68. She was self-employed and mother of three children. Predeceased by her father, William ’31, her mother, Eleanor ’31, her uncles Alan Hilton ’27 and David Hilton ’35, and her aunt, Ann Trimble Hilton ’35, she is survived by her husband, Doug, three children, and two grandchildren.

John L. Luternauer '64

John L. Luternauer ’64, November 23, 2005, in North Vancouver, B.C., at 62. A geologist and research scientist for the Geological Society of Canada, he earned his doctorate from the University of British Columbia in 1972. His wife, Marg, survives him.

Mary Ware Waterman '71

Mary Ware Waterman ’71, January 17, 2006, in South Thomaston, Maine, at 58. She worked as a photographer, graphic artist, Knox County dispatcher, and first responder, established a dive shop with her husband, and in 2000 became a reserve law enforcement officer. She served on numerous boards and volunteered with the Freedom Riders Handicap Riding Program. Predeceased by her father, Roland George Ware ’21, and grandmother, Grace Emery Ware 1894, she is survived by her husband, Steven, three daughters, a son, four granddaughters, two brothers, and a sister.

Gary D. Millen '74

Gary D. Millen ’74, May 5, 2006, in Freedom, N.H., at 53. A long-time high school football coach in Kennett, N.H., he died unexpectedly from a heart attack. A mentor, he led his team to several state titles. He taught social studies in Kennett for 30 years and was engaged with his community. His wife, Ann W. Beadle ’76, his daughter, Meredith ’03, three brothers, Wayne ’73, Steve, and Paul, his mother, and one nephew survive him.

Nancy Groh Michener '77

Nancy Groh Michener ’77, June 16, 2006, in Pasadena, Calif., at 51. She attended Colby for two years, then transferred to University of Connecticut, where she received a B.A. A lifetime nonsmoker, she bravely battled lung cancer for six years and was a vocal advocate for increased awareness and research funding. She was predeceased by her daughter and only child, Alison. Her husband, Stuart ’76, her parents, and two brothers survive her.

Steven Young '82

Steven Young ’82, April 23, 2006, in Newton Highlands, Mass., at 44. He worked in his family restaurant business. His wife, Diana Riley Young ’82, two daughters, his mother, and two sisters survive him.

Christopher A. Starz '05

Christopher A. Starz ’05, March 26, 2006, in Wyoming, at 22. An avid athlete, he was killed in a multi-car pileup during a blizzard in Wyoming. His talents included sled dog racing, soccer, alpine skiing, photography, creative writing, and wakeboarding, in which he represented Colby at the 2004 Collegiate National Championships. He played lead guitar and sang vocals for his band, Ditka and the Hurricanes. His mother, Georgianna, his father, Jeffrey, and step-mother, Jill, two brothers, and two sisters, survive him.