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A Better Place

A Better Place
Graduates follow their ideals into the expanding world of organizations dedicated to helping others


History with a Twist

History with a Twist
Earl Smith brings a new perspective to the life of the College


The Biographer's Craft

The Biographer's Craft
Writers discuss the art of capturing lives with words


Shadows of Kabul

Shadows of Kabul
Qiam Amiry now ponders Afghanistan's troubles from afar



From the Hill

Q&A: Oak Fellow Joan Carling

Oak Fellow Joan Carling on the very real dangers, responsibilities, and rewards of a career spent standing up for the rights of others

Paper Trail

Colby to house the papers of poet Wesley McNair

Family Matters

Increased competition raises bar for legacy applicants

A Passion for Paddling

A look at Associate Professor of English Michael Burke's new book, The Same River Twice: A Boatman's Journey Home.


Sketch-comedy troupes wing it in search of laughs

Power Play

Historian Alan Taylor chronicles native peoples' attempts to retain land and power at the time of the American Revolution

Open Door

Gordon Scholarships offer Colby opportunities for high-achieving students

Putting College Rankings in Perspective

President Adams discusses the meaning of rankings

Know Your Trustees

There were six new faces at a slightly bigger table when Colby's Board of Trustees convened in the fall.

Reaching Sierra Leone

A group of Colby students on a mission to help fight malaria



Jane McLeod Hinson '53

a rising tide

Llewellyn Price '85

history channel

Kim Parker '97

past time

Dave Sherwood '00

all outdoors

Alumni Class Notes


Editorial & Opinion

From the Editor

%gbhead%left%On the chance that you, like me, need the occasional dose of inspiration, let me point you to our Q&A with Joan Omaming Carling. A soft-spoken human rights activist who advocates for indigenous peoples in the Philippines, Carling arrived on Colby�‰s serene campus in August after a summer dodging black-clad assassins on motorcycles and attending funerals for murdered colleagues.

Colby�‰s 2006 Oak Human Rights Fellow, she is a profile in courage, standing up to the corporate-military machine dominating her country, armed not with wealth or... Read more »



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    Frank Bures
    FRANK BURES (�,The Biographer�‰s Craft�Š) is a regular contributor to Colby, Wired, Mother Jones, and other magazines. He is also the books editor for the online literary travel magazine WorldHum.com and was featured in Best American Travel Writing 2004.
    Mackenzie Dawson '99
    MACKENZIE DAWSON �‰99 (�,Unscripted�Š) is a freelance writer and an editor for the New York Post. She has written for Parenting, Psychology Today, Los Angeles Confidential, and other magazines. She lives in Manhattan.
    Fred Field
    FRED FIELD (�,Shadows of Kabul") is a freelance photographer whose work is regularly seen in Colby, the Boston Globe, the Portland Press Herald, and many college and national magazines. A former newspaper photographer in the Boston area, he has been based in Maine since 2000. Fred�‰s work also appears here and here.
    Ruani S. Freeman
    RUANI S. FREEMAN (�,A Better Place�Š) is a writer and activist who lives in Waterville. She is director of the Sahana Project, which provides tsunami relief in Sri Lanka, and coordinator of Colby Cares About Kids, a mentoring program that links Colby students with children in greater Waterville.