Three Mules in a Pod


Colby launched podcasting this fall with three options for listening to audio from Mayflower Hill.


A student-produced audio documentary program called "Inside Colby" offers a view into Colby as students see it; the Goldfarb Center lecture series offers audio of various Goldfarb events; and "The President at the Podium" is a chance to hear what's on the mind of William D. "Bro" Adams. Subscribing to these podcasts means they're automatically downloaded to iTunes when new installments are posted. Or, simply listening online is always an option. To listen or subscribe, visit
Voices from InsideColby
"The African community here is awesome. I've got tons of people that I call homeboys surrounding me, and when I'm having trouble I can just go to them we are very tight, we keep up with each other, we catch up, we cook African food. It's this nice little environment and it's sort of like we're a community within a community."
-Escar Kusema '09, "Drumming Up Community: African Students on Mayflower Hill" (Episode 1)

"I love the COOT rally. It's the most absurd thing, and it's just so fun. I love making the costumes and going crazy and looking at their faces some of them look terrified, too. Absolutely terrified. Especially when the chainsaw comes out."
-Meagan Berg '07, "COOT Chronicles: Colby's Outdoor Orientation Trip" (Episode 2)

"I'm glad they're doing it, because I think it's something that Colby needs. It's kind of soiling every beautiful view out my window, but that's okay. And they wake me up early in the morning. They're like, 'here, walk five miles on a two-mile-wide campus,' but whatever."
-Adam Newman '07, "To Unite a Disunion: Renovations of Colby's Student Center" (Episode 3)

"I've heard people read very personal things up there whether its about their neighborhood, or racial disconnect, or abuse, and various different things. You wouldn't have a conversation with someone about that just on a regular day so it's like, oh wow, okay, you went through that, or that's what your story's about."
-Lauren Harding '09, "Midnight Voices: Poets Rest at Dawn" (Episode 4)
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