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Unconventional Wisdom

Unconventional Wisdom
Colby professors teach students to examine the complex forces that shape cultures—and conflicts



Employers—and the occasional student—are finding Facebook can provide a glimpse of the reality beyond the interview


Cell Mates

Cell Mates
David Bodine enlists Colby researchers in a bid to unlock the genetic mysteries of blood disorders



From the Hill


Karen Prisby's rise to the top of DIII cross country is the result of priorities, hard work

And Don't Slurp Your Soup

Students sit down to a five-course lesson on dining etiquette

Q&A: Charles Terrell '70

Trustee Charles Terrell '70 on culture shock, Pepper Hall, and an act of defiance that presaged a career devoted to changing the face of higher education

Learning by Doing

Liliana Andonova's students develop practical solutions to global problems

b.good for Goodness Sake

Boston entrepreneurs cook up a winning recipe of fresh food, a friendly uncle, and a dearly beloved El Camino

Soft Landing

Late to School

For Leo Trudel, a classroom was something new and different

Equal Opportunity?

Heather Johnson finds that even modest wealth opens doors

Recent Releases

McDonald's in Beijing? I'm Lovin' It

Martin Connelly '08 spent last fall in Beijing, and sometimes he just needed a burger and fries



Jim Simon '64

father of invention

Beth Murphy '88

electric works

Jesse Salisbury '95

rock around the clock

Sarah Miller '02

prayer service

Alumni Class Notes


Editorial & Opinion

From the Editor

It certainly wasn't the first time I had the urge to be a student again. But the day I read "Unconventional Wisdom" by Steve Collins I thought about calling Dick Whitmore for that old seatbelt that used to keep him on the bench. I thought I might have to strap myself to my editor's chair.

The article is about Colby faculty members who teach students how to see past the often simplistic and sometimes erroneous conventional explanations for the conflicts that rage around the world. Professors in the story�,Catherine Besteman, Guilain Deneoux, Walter Hatch,... Read more »



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    Martin Connelly '08
    MARTIN CONNELLY '08 ("I'm Lovin' It") spent his fall semester in Beijing working as a television copyeditor and an elementary school English teacher. In china he enjoyed walking around back alleys, talking to old folks, and eating the bagels and cream cheese that his mother brought for Thanksgiving.
    Emily Judem '06
    EMILY JUDEM '06 ("And Don't Slurp Your Soup") directed the "Inside Colby" podcasts before moving to Ecuador in January to teach English. She managed to attend (and report on) a Colby etiquette dinner before departing.
    Stuart Krusell '85
    STUART KRUSELL '85 (From Democracy's Front Lines) is in Morocco on assignment for the Washington, D.C.,-based international Republican Institute (IRI). Work with IRI, which promotes democracy worldwide, has taken Krusell
    to Iraq, East Timor, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Egypt, the West Bank, and Gaza.