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Good Neighbors?

Good Neighbors?
Relationship between Colby and the community marked by tensions, community service, mutual economic interests


Choosing a Poet's Life

Choosing a Poet\'s Life

Despite daunting obstacles, Colby poets pursue their solitary, creative craft


Photographic Memory

Photographic Memory
Cal Mackenzie makes pictures that bring life into focus



From the Hill

Rising from Relationships

Diamond Building dedication marked by reflection on Colby, the community, global affairs

Reconstructing Robinson

Biographer taps, augments Colby's renowned collection

Casting His Spell

Pianist Gjergji Gaqi enchants Mayflower Hill audiences

Terhune Q&A: the extended version

Jim Terhune, vice president of student affairs and dean,
on students, alcohol, and personal responsibility

Scripture Has It

For Carleen Mandolfo, the Bible is a treasure trove

All Fired Up

All Fired Up

Expanded Hume Center sparks students' interest in blacksmithing and furniture building

Winter Winners

From the pool to the rink, court to the slopes, Colby athletes see dedication pay off

Recent Releases

Classically Inclined

The BBC airs a long-running program called "Desert Island Discs," on which celebrities choose the 10 CDs that they would want if they were marooned on an island (one conveniently outfitted with electricity and a CD player). Professor of Music Steven Saunders shares 10 of his "desert island discs" for those just beginning a classical CD collection or looking for new recordings to enjoy.


Flexing Muscle

Wound Up

Last Page: Teaching the Teachers



Julie Sands Causey '85

banking on it

Melissa Kim '97

teaching principles

Ly Tran '05


Alumni Class Notes


Editorial & Opinion

From the Editor

%gbhead%left%For me, feeling the tension between Colby students and the surrounding community has been like having two family members bickering. You love both of them and wish they would get along.

I spent more than 15 years as a columnist for the Morning Sentinel, wending my way through central Maine, finding stories in places that sometimes seemed light-years, not mere miles, from Mayflower Hill. In that time, I grew to understand, respect, and like most of the people I wrote about. I like and respect Colby students, too. There have been times when�,hearing disparaging... Read more »



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    David McCay Wilson '76
    (�,Good Neighbors?�Š) is a New York-based journalist who writes regularly for college magazines around the country, with pieces published in magazines at Dartmouth, Penn, Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, University of Chicago, Duke, and now Colby. He writes for The New York Times and is writing and helping to produce a television infomercial.
    Alison Jones Webb '81
    ALISON JONES WEBB �‰81 (�,Kindness of Strangers�Š) is president of Webb Management Services, a consulting firm that provides project management, advocacy, public policy analysis, and grant writing to nonprofit organizations in Maine. In her spare time she volunteers as the president of Greater Waterville PATCH (Planned Approach to Community Health). She hopes to return to India soon.
    Jake Hanin '07
    JAKE HANIN �‰07
    (�,Teaching the Teachers�Š) is an English major who has dabbled in many other academic fields while at Colby. Among his more important experiences at Colby, he lists his semester abroad in Argentina, his Jan Plan in India, and his senior English seminar in postmodernism. Hanin�‰s plans after Colby are deliberately and happily undecided.