Cool Physics



Margaret Martei '07 and Roy Wilson '07 at work in one of Colby's physics labs.
Photo by Megan Lehmann '08

In February two senior physics majors presented research at the annual joint meeting of the National Society of Black Physicists and National Society of Hispanic Physicists in Boston.

Roy Wilson '07, a Posse Scholar from New York City, presented his honors thesis, "External control of electron temperature in ultra cold plasmas." Margaret Martei '07, an Oak Scholar from Ghana, took second prize ($200 and membership in the Optical Society of America) for an undergraduate poster presenting a project she coauthored with Anders Wood '07 of North Yarmouth, Maine. Their poster was titled "An injection-locked diode laser for cold Rydberg atom experiments."

Both projects were capstone experiences in physics and were overseen by Professor Duncan Tate. They examined the behavior of rubidium atoms in a state equivalent to 100 millionths of a degree above absolute zero.

After graduation in May, Martei has one year to complete the Colby-Dartmouth 3-2 engineering program. Wilson was interviewing for a high school teaching position.
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