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"I don't think we should lose sight of our small size and relative intimacy as a tremendous asset in these situations."
Vice President for Student Affairs
Jim Terhune, at an emergency-response planning meeting in the days following
the Virginia Tech killings.

"It's important to realize that in going abroad you don't become a member of another culture and leave your past behind. You're intertwining two people"your background with the new place you've entered."
Ethan Abensohn '07, reflecting for insideColby magazine on his experiences reintegrating to Colby and life in the U.S. after semesters in France and Cameroon.

"You!? I think of you every morning when I brush my teeth!"
Rollie Morneau '65, upon answering a telephone call from Mike Picher '67 after 30 years without contact. Picher accidentally knocked out five of Morneau's teeth with his stick during a Colby hockey practice. He was calling Morneau to invite him to a testimonial dinner for former coach Charlie Holt.

"I just want to acknowledge the challenges they face in this [pause] hormonal season."
President Adams, at his spring forum
for faculty and staff, in a shout-out to the Office of Security.

"My path has been illuminated by the unquestioning love of my parents, the intellectual example of Colby professors, and the shining light of my closest friends."
Jayadev Vadakkanmarveettil '07 of Kerala, India, in the 2007 edition of To Change the World, the yearbook from the Davis United World College Scholars Program.

"Over my dead body."
Kate Braemer's mother, at the
woodsmen's Spring Meet at Dartmouth,
when recruiters approached Kate '07
about a possible pro career.
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