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Defining Art

Defining Art
Lunder Collection of American art raises Colby to pinnacle of college art museums


Passport to Colby

Passport to Colby
When students start Colby with a semester abroad, they arrive on Mayflower Hill with a different perspective


The Natural

The Natural
How one high school football star, economics major, ex-IT manager, Red Sox fan, proponent of a "no-jerks" policy, and kids' baseball coach has risen to the top of international banking



From the Hill

A Way to Live

In her teaching, Phyllis Mannocchi's passion is contagious

Maiden Voyage

Smooth sailing as Linda Greenlaw navigatesher first murder mystery

Oil and Religion: Threats to a New Democracy

Poems That Roam Lost Moments

Q&A: Matt Apuzzo

Matt Apuzzo, national legal affairs correspondent, on living out of a backpack, climbing the ladder, and serendipity

Recent Releases

Northern Hardwoods

The Soprano

Grandfather's record collection propelled Dori Smith to the world of opera

Ultimate Challenge

Triathlete Abe Rogers leaves college coaching to fight the Taliban in Kandahar

Visa Squeeze

Shortage of work permits is roadblock for international alumni, students

With the Program

Alumni support helps drive crew to victory

Emptiness is Bliss



John Miner '29

A Century Young

J.R. Weaver-LaMountain '89

Champion of the Underdog

Adam Zois '94

Carving out a Career

Lisa Andracke '05

Coming to Grips

Alumni Class Notes


Editorial & Opinion

From the Editor

This issue of Colby is all over the map—literally.

We talked to Bob Diamond ’73 at his office at Barclays Capital in London and joined a group of fresh first-years as they walked the cobblestone streets of Dijon, France. There’s news of Army Specialist Abe Rogers ’95 from the battlefields of Afghanistan, while lawyer Caroline Riss ’03 gave us her take on the ongoing political tug of war in Nigeria—from her new assignment in Ukraine. Teacher Francis Chapuredima ’06—by phone from Kenya, just before he left for Zimbabwe and South... Read more »



  • Bob Keyes
    Bob Keyes

    BOB KEYES (“Defining Art,”) writes about the arts in Maine for the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram. He began his career at the Central Maine Morning Sentinel in 1985 and has worked for newspapers in Greenwich, Conn., and Sioux Falls, S.D. He lives in South Portland.






    Caroline Riss '03
    Caroline Riss '03

    CAROLINE RISS ’03 (“Oil and Religion: Threats to a New Democracy,”), an attorney, has worked in Washington D.C. with a Nigerian human rights expert on women’s rights under the sharia legal system. Riss currently is working in Ukraine as an intern and attorney for the American Bar Association–Rule of Law Initiative in Kiev focusing on anti-corruption, legal-education reform, human trafficking, and law-enforcement reform.






    Allen Lessels P'08
    Allen Lessels P'08

    ALLEN LESSELS P’08 (“With the Program,”) covers University of New Hampshire athletics for the Union Leader and is the author of Live Free, Drive Fast: Behind the Scenes at New Hampshire International Speedway. Lessels also writes for various other publications.