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“The people at Southern Connecticut State University have cast the entire novel. They know exactly who each character is and have got it figured out. [...] Southern Illinois is convinced they are the ones and strangely enough, Colby College, where I went to after I left Southern Illinois, they’re convinced that it’s their English department too that’s portrayed in the novel.”
Richard Russo, former English professor, when asked about his book Straight Man being based on Southern Illinois University.

“Slightly Stoopid gives a mostly lame performance.”
Headline on an Echo review. Slightly Stoopid (a band) played in Pulver Pavilion.

“Doggie was a walking, talking, bewhiskered MRI in the days before the MRI was even invented.”
College Historian Earl Smith, on the diagnostic gifts of Clarence “Doggie” Dore ’39, M.D., in a eulogy in Lorimer Chapel Nov. 17. Dr. Dore, the College physician from 1949 to 1981, died Nov. 6.

“He made me want to become a good man.”
Eric Weeks ’80, on Tom Kopp, who served as his football coach in 1979 and died in a boating accident in November. (Read the obituary)

“Is Colby College the Dolphins after Shula or the Cowboys after Landry?”
Headline on the Environmental Economics Web site’s notice regarding the search for Mitchell Family Professor of Economics Tom Tietenberg’s replacement, since he’s retiring in 2008. “Almost everyone who teaches environmental economics begins with Tietenberg’s book. If you are bold enough to attempt to replace a legend, the ad is below.

“I never thought I’d have a 71-year-old son.”
Mother of Bob Saltz ’58, after he told her on her recent birthday that he never thought he’d have a 100-year-old mother.
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