Building Bonds by Bursting Bubble


By Emily Judem '06
Photography by Megan Lehmann '08

Bursting the Bubble
Students created these Burst the Bubble T-shirts, buttons, and pens to celebrate the week of activities linking Colby and Waterville. Photo by Megan Lehmann '08.

A round of “human bowling” on Runnals Hill kicked off the fourth annual Burst the Bubble Week, Feb. 18-22. Events aimed at improving Colby-Waterville connections included “Chill ’n the Ville,” a night of music and socializing for students and town residents, a panel discussion considering both historical and future revitalization efforts in Waterville, an art gallery exhibition featuring student and local artisans’ work, and dinners discounted for Colby students in selected Waterville restaurants.

Burst the Bubble Week was organized by the Colby Waterville Alliance (formerly known as the Colby South End Coalition), with the goal of strengthening the relationship between the College and the Waterville community.

While optimistic, alliance member Steve Erario ’10 said that Burst the Bubble Week is no cure-all for the tensions that often divide Colby and Waterville. “There’s obviously no silver bullet when you’re talking about making relations between the two communities peachy-keen and idealistic, so it’s going to take a lot of work to get it up to that level.” But, he added, “Both communities really are kind-hearted and good-spirited, and if they spend time together, some of the tensions will be reduced.”

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