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“The cost of Earth observations from space might have been measured in the billions.
But the value of knowing your home planet is priceless.”
Professor of Science, Technology, and Society
Jim Fleming, quoted in an MSNBC article about satellites.

“Lucky for him—and for anyone who ever ordered his famous deconstructed tongue sandwich—he had already figured out how to deep-fry mayonnaise.”
Food critic Frank Bruni, in the March 5 New York Times, reviewing the restaurant WD-50 and its owner and chef, Wylie Dufresne ’92, whom he praised as “amusing, important, and rewarding.”

“Yup, that good ’ol Maine rivalry is alive and kicking, and this makes our little mules of pride do a happy dance.”
Blair Braverman ’11, after writing that, according to a case study conducted by her Environmental Studies 118 class,
Colby’s recycling program is better than those at Bates and Bowdoin. (From an insideColby blog post)

“I found his scholarly breadth and prodigious output, even then, so inspiring that I briefly sought to emulate him,
though, after several grueling weeks, I settled for admiring him.”  

Professor of History Robert Weisbrot on rooming with Jonathan Sarna, professor of American Jewish history at Brandeis University and this year’s Lipman lecturer, while they were in graduate school

“If you think the military is a bunch of redneck dumbheads, you might think about signing up yourself.”
NPR Senior Correspondent John McChesney, in a March 11 talk about the Iraq War, on his remark that “elite colleges are AWOL.” About the military, he continued: “They are not, by the way. It’s a pretty smart outfit.”
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