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Every Last CuckooEvery Last Cuckoo
Kate Maloy ’67
Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill (2008)
A love story that spans a lifetime, this novel is told through Sarah Lucas, 75 and newly widowed. The story ranges from the revisited past, when love was tender, to the present, when Sarah’s newly empty home becomes a haven for an unlikely but rejuvenating group of displaced relatives and acquaintances. Maloy’s novel moves with purpose and grace, and it ultimately finds its way to the place where memories meld to tell us who we are and even leave us in wonder.

Branding Only Works on Cattle
Jonathan Salem Baskin ’82
Business Plus (2008)
What do the GEICO cavemen and the Burger King mascot have in common? They don’t work, says branding expert Baskin. In this provocative book Baskin rattles the foundations of marketing, saying the millions of dollars spent on creative and cool advertising may be money wasted. What does work? Not catchy taglines, but careful consideration of consumer behavior and marketing strategies that affect it, from distribution to customer service. “Clearly Baskin is onto something,” said Advertising Age.

Great Ancient China Project You Can Build Yourself
By Lance Kramer; illustrated by Steven Weinberg ’06
Nomad Press (2008)
A handbook that teaches readers 9 and up about ancient China—and offers projects from building a Chinese compass to how to construct a house with proper feng shui.

Fisherman’s Bend
Linda Greenlaw ’83

Hyperion (2008)
Adventure number two for Greenlaw’s mystery-solving heroine, Jane Bunker, who has a knack for unearthing trouble—even on the high seas. This time the adventure begins with a lobster boat circling with no one aboard, more than enough to pique investigator Bunker’s interest—and to net the reader.

Carlos is Gonna Get ItCarlos Is Gonna Get It!
Kevin Emerson ’96

Arthur A. Levine Books, Scholastic (2008)
In this novel for young adults, former schoolteacher Emerson, also the author of the Oliver Nocturne young-adult series, paints a poignantly real portrait of seventh-grade pariah Carlos and his classmates’ scheme to make him pay. Narrator Trina has qualms, though, and when the plan goes awry there are lessons to be learned for those who are ready.


Sophocles Electra
Hanna M. Roisman (classics)

Focus (2008)
Roisman’s latest is a fresh and contemporary translation of the Greek tragedy about matricide. Included are extensive notes that put the play in the cultural context of its time. Roisman notes that, though this was the first play she read in Greek, each reading provokes, challenges, and intrigues her. This book is intended to do the same for students and non-academics.

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