Shared Transport Offers Options


By Lauren Pongan '09

New programs at Colby provide rental cars and loaner bikes for students to get off the hill and on with their adventures.

Last year’s Student Government Association treasurer, Timothy Williams ’08, and current SGA President Patrick Boland ’09 pushed for the Zipcar program, which provides two vehicles on campus that students can share if they become members and pay rental fees. Boland thought Zipcars would fill a void. “There are so many students on campus who don’t have cars. We needed an affordable solution to that problem,” he said. Including gas, insurance, and up to 180 miles per day, rentals cost $7 per hour or $60 per day.

“The Zipcar program is really liberating,” said Jessica Lueders-Dumont ’09. “I’ve never had a car on campus before, so it’s nice to be able to get off campus when I need to.”

For those looking to put a little muscle into their transportation or to remain carbon neutral, the iBike program allows Colby community members to borrow a bicycle, helmet, and lock for 24 hours at no charge. Environmental studies major Patrick Roche ’09 developed the program, which aims to decrease environmental impact and integrate students and the Waterville community.

“It’s healthy and it saves time, energy, and gas,” said Escar Kusema ’09 “It’s really helpful for students who live off campus and don’t want to use a car.”  
The student-run Environmental Coalition implemented the program. The 15 bikes were purchased locally and are maintained by student workers.

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