Terror Strikes Home



Darshini Mahadevia ’10
Darshini Mahadevia ’10

Darshini Mahadevia ’10 is one of three Colby students from Mumbai, India. She wrote a reflection on the November terrorist attacks for the Morning Sentinel.

After reading the roll call of the dead and injured, I remain haunted by names and faces I grew up with. These were people who innocently went to the VT train station, the grandest of all Mumbai’s heritage buildings, to travel—and were killed. These were people who went out to dine in cafés and hotels, only to be shot by ruthless terrorists.

My mother was supposed to be at the Taj Mahal hotel for dinner that night. It was just a matter of fate that she changed her mind about going out to dinner because she was too tired after a day of hard work. I write this with tears in my eyes, because I cannot stop myself from imagining the worst.

The attacks put a face on terror for my community which, until now, was largely insulated from it. Yes, there were the 1993 bomb blasts in my part of the city, but I was too young to form any connection with that event.

It is only now, after the bombings of places so connected to my heart, that I awaken and begin to understand the unfathomable evil that terrorism represents in our world. I have always wanted to understand that evil and I thought I did.

But the reality is that I have actually “awakened” and gotten a closer perspective on it only because it affected my life. I see this as a rather self-indulgent realization in a world where millions of others are also victims of terror.

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