A Political Remix

A Political Remix

Kendra King '94 puts hip-hop-and more- into the teaching of politics

By John Fleming | Photos by Jenni Girtman


Oglethorpe University in Atlanta is listed on Georgia’s Registry of Historic Places, and its Crypt of Civilization, a time-capsule record of what life was like on Earth in the 1930s, is part of the institution’s identity.

But, if the university gives an initial impression of being locked in time, Associate Professor of Politics Kendra King ’94 shatters that façade.

Inside the imposing halls and beneath the stone clock tower, Gothic Revival meets hip-hop in the form of Professor King. On an early-November day, in the aftermath of a historic election, she stands at the scene of what she would call the mash-up of the nation’s old and new politics, adding a voice of tomorrow to this deeply Southern school.

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