Amanda Hallowell '93


Island Grown

Amanda Hallowell '93
Amanda Hallowell '93
An hour-long ferry ride across Maine’s Penobscot Bay brings you to beautiful North Haven, a Manhattan-sized island with the quaint charm of a Norman Rockwell painting. Island native Amanda Hallowell ’93 has come home and embraced that local spirit wholeheartedly as chef and general manager of The Restaurant at Nebo Lodge and Nebo Lodge itself, a bed and breakfast.

Hallowell has capitalized on the burgeoning local and organic food movements by working almost solely with locally grown and harvested foods. Offering everything from locally harvested oysters on the half shell to island-grown produce, Hallowell says being committed to local growers and harvesters is “less expensive, fresher, and a real marketing charm.”

“I grew up eating veggies from our garden and cooking with what we had on the island,” she said of her upbringing on North Haven, where her dad, Barney Hallowell ’64, is school principal. Today, despite the transportation challenges and weather woes associated with island life, she is able to produce what locals and tourists alike say are sophisticated menus. “It’s just the way people are out here. We make it work without every convenience,” she said.

In the future Hallowell expects her commitment to local suppliers and her restaurant business to grow with the help of Jen Porter ’93, also of North Haven. Porter is expanding an organic greenhouse and farm on the island, and Hallowell said they will provide much of Nebo Lodge’s produce in the near future, allowing the restaurant to expand its farm-to-table menu year-round.

“Thinking alternatively is more essential than ever before,” she said, “but knowing we’ve got the support of our neighbors and visitors makes all the difference.”

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