You Can Dress a Mule Up


By Stephen Collins '74

Clothes don’t make the man or woman, but proper attire for formal occasions is key. Colby’s Student Government Association is launching the Colby Clothes Closet to help students get access to the clothes they need.
Recognizing a wide range of clothing needs among students as they interview for internships and jobs, or even attend formal social events, SGA President Jacob Fischer ’10 is organizing the effort. He’s soliciting donations of “fashionably recent” business suits, dresses, shirts, and shoes in good condition, and he plans to have the CCC open this spring.

Fischer explained that it may serve any student who didn’t come to campus with a business suit, or it could assist students facing what Echo writer Anna Kelemen ’10 called “interviewing fashion emergencies.”

“People like the idea,” Fischer said after presenting it to trustees and publicizing it in the Echo. He imagines a clothes closet well-stocked with a range of sizes of men’s and women’s attire and a system where students make appointments and privately select needed items. Tutorials will be posted in the room about things like how to tie neckties and finding the proper fit for dress shirts. SGA will cover cleaning costs, working with student-operated Lazy Mule Laundry service, Fischer said.
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