Colby on the Front Lines

Colby on the Front Lines

Graduates in the military tap into their liberal arts background

By Robin Respaut '07


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As a pilot flying fighter jets from aircraft carriers, U.S. Navy Lt. Ali Ghaffari ’02 spent much of 2008 protecting U.S. ground forces in Afghanistan. When U.S. troops were attacked, Ghaffari was among the pilots who flew low over enemy forces, driving them off.

A former professional triathlete who enlisted 11 years after graduation, Army Specialist Abe Rogers ’95 deployed in 2007 to traverse the Afghan mountains in search of Taliban fighters and their hideouts. Rogers and his unit cut off supply routes, searched for Osama bin Laden, and along the way handed out humanitarian aid. Capt. Katlyn Shagory ’05, an Army assistant brigade intelligence officer, first deployed to Baghdad in 2006. The assignment is now on her résumé: Responsible for the management, training, welfare, and administrative actions of 20 personnel. Led a signals intelligence (SIGINT) mission, in northwest Baghdad, during the height of violence. …Organized and executed over 75 SIGINT-driven combat missions.

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  • On April 29, 2010, anon wrote:
    Colby still does have an ROTC program, which is offered through the University of Maine. Colby currently has three rotc cadets, including one senior who will be commissioned in May as a 2LT.