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The latest issue of insideColby includes plenty of stories that you don't have to be a student to appreciate. Here are some highlights.


Faith in CollegeFaith in College

Nick Cunkelman ’11 set out to understand what it’s like to be religious in college. He found students drawn to religion for the community and because it’s a part of home. But being devout on campus can be challenging too. Despite Colby’s tolerant student body, one junior called it “taboo” to be religious, and others struggle with dietary restrictions.

Graffiti With a Purpose
Graffiti with a Purpose
Jake Marty ’11 makes a case for an art democracy: a world in which art is not available to the limited few who can view it museums and purchase it in galleries, but where public space is decorated—and not just by vandals and advertisers.

Student Lens

The Student Lens
Students document life at Colby with a new gallery of photos every week. From Jan Plan to Chinese New Year, laundry to midterms, it’s easy to keep up with life at Colby through the Lens.

Beyond the weekly galleries, students contribute photo essays about a particular element of Colby life. Check out the latest, by Charlotte Wilder ’11, about an anthropology class’s Jan Plan trip to Greece.
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