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Telling the World

Telling the World
Activists use social networks and digital video in pleas for rivers and groundwater


Campus Kids

Campus Kids

Faculty residents' children enjoy and contribute to college life.



From the Hill

Q&A: Nikky Singh

Nikky-Guninder K. Singh, professor of religious studies and East Asian studies, on the Among Women program, revisiting India, and why women are playing an essential role as we seek global stability

Derby Dames

Derby Dames

Alumnae join the rolling ranks of a hard-hitting, all-women's sport

A Career in Sails

A Career in Sails

America's Cup legend Tom Whidden, who once raced dinghies at Colby, has reached the pinnacle of sailing and the sail business

Flight School

Flight School

Student-built airplane takes high-resolution pictures from the sky, opens research opportunities





Margaret Klawunn '82

Students First

Adelin Cai '05

A Happy Accident

Alumni Class Notes




Editorial & Opinion

From the Editor

Wobbling my way through a Q&A session with members of the Class of 1975 during reunion weekend (some sort of bug had me a bit under the weather), one question snapped me to attention. Colby magazine is full of articles about remarkable alumni and students, one ’75er said, which is all well and good. But (and I paraphrase here) why don’t I see more stories about people like me?

This fellow was from Maine, very pleasant, a banker with an M.B.A. By all accounts he’s had a rewarding and successful life after Colby. And yet he felt that his... Read more »


Sunrise by the Pond

Sunrise by the Pond

An interfaith wedding by Johnson Pond in 1968, performed by a Colby religion professor who asserted that Jesus was not Christ, launched a 43-year (and counting) marriage and a life of respecting differences.


quarry road

Pros—and a con—on new ski area
Thirty years ago I was disappointed to read that the Colby ski area had been closed. Now I’m elated to learn that it is to enjoy a new burst of recreational activity.

Back in the 1960s and 1970s the area provided various learning opportunities for students. Buses carried phys ed students to the hill for ski lessons taught by other students (who were somewhat more proficient); dozens learned first aid so they could qualify to work as ski patrollers. It was great fun earning $1.25/hr... Read more »



  • lauren

    Lauren Pongan ’09 (“Telling the World” and “Derby Dames”) is a freelance writer and former editorial assistant at Colby. She has spent her first year after graduating writing and working for a farming nonprofit and an arts nonprofit in Maine, as well as traveling. She is currently living in Portland, Maine.








    Alexandra Desaulniers ’11 (“Campus Kids,”) an editorial assistant at Colby, is a double major in anthropology and theater and dance. She has performed in musical theater both on and off campus and competes in and teaches ballroom dance both at Colby and in the community.