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With another school year underway, Colby students are hard at work--not just in the classroom, but on the job. Student photographers, writers, videographers, bloggers, and podcasters are chronicling life on the Hill for prospective students. But that doesn't mean alumni can't check it out, too. Here are some recent highlights.


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« Summer research assistants spent two days out of the lab or office to go to The Forks, Maine, and present their research—and to get out on the Kennebec River rapids for some fun and social bonding.

Jean-Jacques Ndayisenga ’13, a Davis United World College Scholar from Kigali, Rwanda, talks about how he got to Colby and why he believes poverty is the global problem to solve.

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« What is orientation like these days? New videos explore what it means to be a COOT leader and how Colby prepares students for academic and social life on the Hill.


This semester Emily Fleming ’12 takes the podcast to Kenya, where she is studying and learning about the country’s culture. Already she has chronicled her orientation language classes, explored tribal singing and dancing, and interviewed her host father on a rural farm.


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Check out social and athletic events, academic life, off-campus excursions, and more, on the weekly Student Lens. Plus, a new photo essay looks at students’ volunteer experiences in local schools, Waterville nonprofits, and beyond.


InsideColby breaks a record this year with the most bloggers ever—and they’re committed to keeping readers up to date on their lives at Colby (and, in one case, Senegal). Totally uncensored, totally real.

The Magazine:

A new issue of insideColby includes a profile of recently tenured Government Professor Walter Hatch, a Q&A with Michelle Russell ’11, who is on a campaign to regulate against chemicals in personal care products, a personal account of mentoring an at-risk elementary school child, a photo feature that tells Colby’s story through faces, and much more.

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