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We set out to produce a special section commensurate with a momentous occasion: the successful conclusion of the Reaching the World campaign. Over eight years, and despite a historic economic downturn, 25,000 people donated to the campaign, raising $376 million. This resounding vote of confidence for Colby and its mission comes just two years before the College’s bicentennial.

The timing couldn’t be better.

What you’ll see in the feature section in this magazine is documentation of changes that have already happened and a detailed explanation of Colby’s ambitious plans. I recommend that you read the essay by President William D. Adams and Chair of the Board of Trustees Robert E. Diamond Jr. ’73. It clearly lays out the College’s benchmarks for the future. And, if the execution of the Strategic Plan for Colby of 2012 is any indication, Colby will meet these goals as well. Take time to check it out.

Of course, I think that this and other issues of the magazine all are a reflection of the campaign, in a sense. The magazine, I hope, mirrors in many ways the mission of the College, the education offered at Colby, the intellectual life of the Colby community, and the contributions alumni make to their communities, big and small. You all are a pretty darn interesting bunch.

Case in point: the magazine you’re holding in your hand (or viewing on a screen). Run down the table of contents and consider that’s just the news that fits, as they say. The winter issue, chock full of good stuff (I hope you’ll agree), is in the works. A quick preview: a chat with Watson Fellow Jeronimo Maradiaga ’09J, a tour of Mayflower Hill (before Colby), a fascinating new book about African-American soldiers fighting in the Civil War and in the American West by Elizabeth Leonard (history), a story about the organization Hardy Girls Healthy Women and its emergence as a force in efforts to create safe places for girls and women to push their limits. And much, much more.

So, I hope Colby shows you that the College is deserving of all of your support. Good things are happening here and in all of the far-flung places where Colbians disperse. We, who report and write and deliver the news, are honored to be the clearinghouse.

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Gerry Boyle ’78, P’06
Managing Editor

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