Hardy Girls Healthy Women Programs



Hardy Girls Healthy Women Programs

Adventure Girls is a hands-on program in which second through sixth graders meet women in non-stereotypical gender roles—a woman chemist, carpenter, entomologist, rugby player—for activities such as geocaching, chemistry, carpentry, and karate. The program seeks to reinforce young girls’ beliefs that their career options are limitless.

Girls Coalition Groups meet weekly in central Maine schools. Facilitated by Colby students, girls in fourth through eighth grades build girl allies to address issues relevant to them. Reducing girlfighting, learning media literacy, and proactively shifting the culture are among the intended benefits of these groups.

The Girls Advisory Board comprises ninth- through 12th-graders who advise Hardy Girls’ executive board. Members develop leadership skills, represent the organization to the media or in workshops, and keep the board tuned in to the rapidly changing lives of girls.

The annual Girls Unlimited Conference, now in its 12th year, offers a day of workshops and activities aimed at developing critical thinking and leadership skills. Conceived and led by the Girls Advisory Board, workshops zero in on topics such as healthy dating, entrepreneurship, and body image.

From Adversaries to Allies: A Curriculum for Change offers adults discussion points and activities to implement in their own communities. Units range from Researching Girl Culture to Moving Beyond Cliques and Clubs and to Sexual Harassment.

Hardy Girls’ Training Institute has shifted its focus from traditional training to online webinars and resources. Organizations around the globe can take advantage of Hardy Girls’ unique training approach to create safe, healthy, and empowering environments for girls in their communities.

In 2011 two of Hardy Girls’ board members, chair Anne Belden and University of Maine Associate Research Professor Mary Madden, will travel to Asia to conduct a training for the Women’s Foundation, Hong Kong. The training, funded by the Fund for Women in Asia, is the result of a connection made at a pre-SPARK reception in New York hosted by Moses Silverman ’69.

Hardy Days is a low-cost summer program with traditional activities such as art, theater, and science.

Ugly Ducklings Documentary and Community Action Kit offers schools, communities, families, and faith groups ways to create safe spaces for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning youth.

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