Alums Walk for Charity


By Gerry Boyle '78

Sam Rouleau, ready for volunteer duty in Texas.
Sam Rouleau, ready for volunteer duty in Texas.
When Nick Tucker ’10 and Sam Rouleau ’10 set out to walk across the country, volunteering along the way, the distance seemed vast. But they’re measuring the trip not in miles but in the parade of people they meet. The founders of Making Strides left Maine in August and have stayed with Colby alumni along the way. In late December they were in Dallas, Tex., with the families of Katherine Roberts ’93 and Katherine Tagtmeier ’92.

Tucker and Rouleau bid their hosts goodbye with the prospect that their Colby connection may lead them to meet again. Not so for many of the people the pair has met along their trek, including the children in an AIDS center where Tucker and Rouleau built a brick walkway and, as a reward, played with the kids.

“They seemed happy,” Tucker wrote on the pair’s blog. “That is until we had to leave and Reginald started to cry. Sam and I had a hard time walking out that door. Usually people could say ‘it’s ok, i’ll be back.’ But that’s not necessarily the case with us.”

The Making Strides site has blog posts, a map showing the walkers’ location, news coverage of their journey, and contact information.

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