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Photo: Rebecca Merrill '82 NEWSMAKERS
Down East magazine featured Camp Kieve, a Maine camp offering educational programs for boys and girls, which has been run since 1926 by the Kennedy family and since 1991 by Henry Kennedy '80. . . . Trudi Chase '81, a physician specializing in hematology and oncology, opened a new office in Lewiston, Maine. . . . Stephen J. Fogg '80 has been promoted to the position of regional vice president at the Dunlap Corporation in Maine. . . . Mark E. Morin '80 was named a physician at the Marshfield Clinic in Marshfield, Wis. . . . Peter Jordan '80 was named dean of admissions at Polytechnic University in New York City. . . . Amy Page Oberg '80 received a juris doctor degree from the New England School of Law in Boston. . . . Claire Brovender '82 has been hired as a consultant in the software technology recruitment division of Winter, Wyman & Company, New England's leading professional recruitment firm. . . . Patrick J. Fortin '82, broker and owner of Realty World-Winchester Properties in Winchester, Mass., recently received three "Global Image" public relations awards for his company's outstanding development and implementation of community service and charity programs. . . . A Maine Times article extolled Jamie Mackintosh '82, a great skier and ski instructor "who will not compromise doing it right and won't let her pupils compromise either." . . . Rebecca Merrill '82, who has served in a variety of operations positions for Bank One in Oklahoma City, Okla., has received a promotion to assistant cashier. . . . Art work by Ann Rhinehardt '82 was on display last summer at the Brown Memorial Library in Clinton, Maine. . . . Frank A. Smith III '82 has opened Frank A. Smith & Associates in Boston, Mass. . . . Daniel P. Kennedy '83 has been appointed manager of the new Franklin, Mass., office of Tucker Anthony Inc., the New England investment banking and brokerage firm. . . . In Boston, Mass., Deborah Pappas '83 is the new director of marketing for Global Access Telecommunications Services, Inc., a leading provider of worldwide satellite and fiber transmission and network services for the TV and video industries. . . . During the Special Olympics festivities in Connecticut last summer, one of the 17 ships that paraded into the New Haven Harbor was the Tole Mour, a 156-foot schooner whose captain is Dan Parrott '83. . . . Charles Morgan '84 was featured in a Beverly Times article for his work as a resident set designer at the Gloucester Stage Co. in Massachusetts. . . . The Woburn, Mass., Daily Times praised William MacIndewar '85's caring and hard-working approach to teaching science at Parker Middle School in Reading, Mass. . . . Lisa Maria-Booth '85 has joined the Manchester, N.H., office of Dean Witter Reynolds Inc. as assistant vice president. . . . Richard Deering '86 has become the first-ever full-time director of the 70-year-old Birch Rock Camp in East Waterford, Maine. . . . Melissa Hruby Bach '87 recently exhibited ceramic installations at Fox Islands Gallery in North Haven, Maine. . . . John Moore '87 has opened The Narrow Gauge Cinemas, a five-screen theater in Farmington, Maine. . . . The University of Minnesota announced that Kristin Richwagen '87 was awarded a Caleb Door award for scholastic excellence in veterinary medicine. . . . Lucy Lennon Tucker '87 was promoted to assistant vice president and participant recordkeeping supervisor at Key Trust of Maine. . . . "Interpreting Culture: From Ecuador to Boston," an article by Michelle Cheeseman '88, was published in the Harvard Graduate School of Education Bulletin. She teaches English as a Second Language in Boston public schools. . . . Karen Croff '88 has been promoted to curator of education at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, Mass. . . . T. Bryan Cook '89 has been promoted to branch underwriting manager of the Amica Mutual Insurance Co.'s Buffalo, N.Y., office. . . . Lucy Bourassa Dvorak '89 was awarded the Vermont Law School's academic excellence award in legal writing when she received her juris doctorate degree last May. . . . Jonathan R. MacBride '89 graduated cum laude from the law school of Temple University. . . . Marine 2nd Lt. Ross L. Muir '89 recently graduated from The Basic School at Marine Corps Combat Development Command, Quantico, Va. . . . Crisp & Associates in Berlin, N.H., has announced that attorney Tanya G. Richmond '89 has become a member of their law firm. . . . Kenneth Scott '89 is the new special education teacher at Rumford elementary school in Rumford, Maine. . . . Jen Underhill '89 was cited in a Boston Sunday Globe article about City Year, the Boston-based community service organization.

Marriages: Kurt W. Saraceno '81 to Susan MacTaggart in Greenwich, Conn. . . . Andrew M. Castle '85 to Debora Morin in Darien, Conn. . . . James D. Conti '86 to Lorena Sturgeon in Portland, Maine. . . . Kathryn Paterson '86 to Patrick Tepesch in Cambridge, Mass. . . . Amy L. Scott '86 to Andrew Vanacek in Wallingford, Conn. . . . Karen Buckley '87 to Christopher Nerney in Winchester, Mass. . . . Alison Como '87 to Robert Goyette in Bedford, N.H. . . . John F. Donnelly '87 to Joann Scheiber in New London, Conn. . . . Allison Forrest '87 to Steven Larson in Burlington, Mass. . . . RB Klinkenberg '87 to Ann Helliwell in Charlotte, Vt. . . . Steven C. Runge '87 to Mary Kelting '88 in Woods Hole, Mass. . . . Elaine Segal '87 to Glenn Snyder in Cambridge, Mass. . . . Andrew R. Spirito Jr. '87 to Julie Juchnik in Cranston, R.I. . . . Melissa W. Brown '88 to James Bride in Brewster, Mass. . . . Charles G. Burke '89 to Kimberly B. Norberg '91. . . . Cynthia H. Kontulis '88 to Daniel Gacetta Jr. in Manhasset, N.Y. . . . Sheila Rudolph '88 to Ivan Correia in Hanover, Mass. . . . Nilamber Bhakta Shrestha '88 to Lydia Magavern in Buffalo, N.Y. . . . G. Robert Schwandt '89 to Lynne Barry in Wellesley, Mass.

Births: A son, Patrick, to Christopher and Paula Baril Foley '80. . . . Twins, Charlotte Anthony and Colin Henderson, to Peter and Susan Sullivan Hinrichs '80. . . . A son, Jason Emmanuel, to Mark '80 and Patricia Valavanis Smith '80. . . . A son, Edward Christopher, to Cecelia and Stewart Babbott '81. . . . A daughter, Meaghan Eileen, to Adam and Helynne Bruen Winter '81. . . . A daughter, Laura Ruth, to Theodore and Helen Dooley Jursek '82. . . . A daughter, Phoebe Alexis, to Jean O'Neill and Walter Judge Jr. '82. . . . A son, Tucker Bevin, to Chris and Cici Bevin Gordon '85. . . . A daughter, Madelaine Nicole, to Charles and Deborah England Gray '85. . . . A daughter, Margot Canham, to Andrew '86 and Margaret Davis Maley '85. . . . A daughter, Madeline Campbell, to John and Marcie Campbell McHale '85. . . . A daughter, Kristin Layne, to Larry and Kelly McPhail Mendez '86. . . . A son, William Knight, to Geoffrey '86 and Lindsay Carroll Alexander '87. . . . A son, Robert Joseph, to Joseph and Gretchen Weiser Carney '87. . . . A daughter, Sallie Aijalen, to Josh '88 and Stacey Mendelsohn Marx '88.

It's only appropriate that the birth of Jason Emmanuel Smith to Mark and Patricia Valavanis Smith should be the lead story for this report, since my call to Patty for news for this column caught them literally on the way out the door to the hospital. I was too slow to catch Joanne Shannon O'Donnell at home; by the time I reached the O'Donnell household, Joanne had already delivered daughter Caitlin Rose the day before. . . . Joel Solomon also has been spending a lot of time in hospitals as well as in his office--he's pursuing a very active medical practice--although I managed to reach him poolside during a brief respite on a sweltering Sunday afternoon in Lexington, Mass. Despite triple digit heat and humidity, Joel assured me that he, Janet and their three daughters, Beth, 8, Rose, 4, and Marcy, 3, were following a strict frozen-ice drink regimen and were in no danger. . . . Nearby, Melinda, Emily and Steve Kirstein have moved to a new house in Medfield, Mass., and can count Maria (Macedo '79) and Tom Dailey, Ben '79 and Joanne Lynch Thorndike and Mark and Bev Nalbandian Madden among their neighbors. . . . I also interrupted the weekend chores of Phil Lee, a father of three (two 4 1/2-year-old twin boys and a 2-year-old girl), and his wife, Nancy, a licensed child therapist, at their home in Potomac, Md. In addition to his day job as a real estate attorney, Phil is active in community work and politics in his native Montgomery County and has threatened to get me involved in some of this useful work, regardless of what it might do to my golf game. . . . Christopher and Paula Baril Foley report the birth of their fourth child, Patrick. Patrick joins three siblings, Marissa, 7 1/2, Andrew, 5 1/2, and Christopher, 3 1/2. . . . I'm sure you will be relieved to know that Bill and Mary Lou Eckland Jackson report that the class's pink flamingos entrusted to Bill's care at our 15th reunion are well and adjusting to their new home. Although Bill was wallpapering and couldn't be disturbed, supervisor Mary Lou reports that they (the flamingos) are getting plenty of privacy and she wouldn't be surprised if (following what seems to be a trend in our class) their numbers have increased by the time of our next reunion. . . . Since I have been out of touch with many of you myself, I should mention that after five years of a principally litigation-oriented law practice at Shea & Gardner in Washington, D.C., I moved to the corporate side last year, taking an in-house counsel job with Amtrak, the nation's passenger railroad. I still do some litigation but have shifted my focus to trying to avoid the need for it. My wife, Diana, practices federal employment law and is a D.C. native, so we are pretty settled here. . . . Finally, although we will be mailing questionnaires as in the past to solicit your news, I am interested in seeing whether we can move some of these communications "on-line." If you have the equipment to do it, I encourage you to write to me at my Compuserve e-mail address: 72072,1114@ If you prefer the U.S. mails, use 8413 Park Crest Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20910.
Correspondent: John Veilleux

Cheryl Carr was married last June in Barnet, Vt., to Norris Holt. Many Colby alums were there, including Lynn McLaren, Dan '80 and Liz Pizzurro Ossoff, Doug and Amy Parker Cook, Bruce and Ellen Reinhalter Shain, Carolyn Berry Copp '82 and Iain '82 and Ann Albee Hoefle '80. Cheryl is working for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Vermont in Montpelier. . . . Kathy Beane Rockstrom and her husband, Jan, added son Erik John to their family on January 27, 1995. They are living in Carlisle, Mass., and Kathy works in the treasury division at Fleet Bank in Boston. We often take the same train to and from Boston and we work in the same building, so I see Kathy quite often. Kathy reports that Judy Sheehan Metcalf was made a partner at her law firm in Maine. . . . Jim '82 and Melise Maggioni O'Sullivan have added a third child to their family. William Alexander was born May 10, 1995, and joins sister Catie and brother Gregory. They are living in Needham, Mass. . . . Last June, Eleanor Campbell and I were honored to be joint godmothers to Fred and Nancy Welsh Isbell's daughter, Katherine Margaret. The christening was in Acton, Mass., where they live. Eleanor survived her first year of law school at Seton Hall in New Jersey and is looking forward to the second. . . . I haven't heard from anyone in a long while. Please write and let me know your ideas for our upcoming 15th reunion in June. For those of you with e-mail I can be reached at beth_wilson@
Correspondent: Beth Pniewski Wilson

For two years now, Susan French Fine and her family have been in Kampala, Uganda, where she and her husband both work for USAID. Susan's boss, the USAID mission director, is Don Clark '69. Susan reports that conditions in Uganda have greatly improved since their arrival, but at the same time she notes that the magnitude of problems the people face is daunting--with the events in neighboring Rwanda showing how quickly things can unravel. After a home leave this summer, the Fine family--Zachary, born 12/30/94, joined brother Joshua, born 10/21/90--returned to Uganda for two more years. Tourism is rapidly picking up, and Susan would be happy to hear from any Colby folks coming through. . . . Walter Judge Jr. and his wife, Jean C. O'Neill, are both attorneys and have one daughter, Phoebe Alexis Judge. Walter reports that he won a $25.5 million judgment for a client in federal court in Vermont in October of '94. . . . Jim Haddow is an attorney in Portland, Maine. He and his wife, Michelle Ritchie-Haddow, have two children, Hamish, 5 1/2, and Max, 3, and pets Puck, Raven and Perdito. Last January Jim became a partner at the Portland law firm Petrucelli & Martin. In March he was elected to a three-year term on the planning board in Limington, where they live. . . . Karen Erdos is living in Jamaica Plain, Mass., and has had a long recovery from breaking her back in a horseback riding accident in Vermont in October of '94. She is the proud aunt to Ayla, 2 1/2, and Julian, nine months, and has an 8-year-old retired racer greyhound named Montana and Vegas, an 8-year-old German shepherd. . . . Steven and Cindy Jenkins Barbash moved to Shrewsbury, Mass., in the past year. They were the second family to move into the new subdivision, and the first few weeks were borderline horror fiction: dark, rainy, no phone lines--and no cable TV for the first month! Aside from the typical house builder's problems, they love their new home and neighborhood. Their two boys, Andrew, 8, and Danny, 6, are a lot of fun and work. Cindy is still a physician assistant at the Great Brook Valley Health Center in Worcester, and Steven is still selling for Barbash Associates Inc. Last year Steven's travels took him to Maine, where he had the opportunity to visit the Colby campus. Jeanne Preso Hillinck met Steve and Cindy's sister-in-law at the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions last October--both she and Jeanne's husband, David, were competing, with David making it to the finals. The Hillincks have been in Sacramento for a year and like northern California very much. Their second child, Peter Charles, was born last April 17. . . . Denise Glennon received her M.S.Ed. from UPenn and started teaching first grade in Springfield, Pa. Denise had been a banker in N.Y.C. but was looking for a more creative job in which she felt she would help others. Denise and her husband, Gary Haubold (an investment analyst), have recently built a house in Malvern, Pa. . . . Scott Sophos left Universal Studios Florida in '93 to attend the Reese Institute of Massage Therapy in Oviedo, Fla., and last June became a licensed massage therapist. He also performed in Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing in the Orlando Shakespeare Festival and worked in the education department of Sea World of Florida. Scott relocated to Washington, D.C., last January and currently is working at the Tenley Health and Sport Club and the Washington Sports/Capitol Hill (Colby classmates and alums are invited to drop by for a massage). This summer he appeared as Puss in Puss In Boots at the Adventure Theater in Historic Glen Echo Park. Scott is enjoying renewing old Colby friendships, among them Ross Brennan. He would love to hear from John T.P. Jackson and Sue Sheehan '83. . . . Susan Reese Krevat, who has been volunteering at her daughter's school and also is the editor of the school newsletter, the "Greenwood Grapevine," is considering becoming certified to teach elementary school. Susan and her husband, Matthew Krevat '80, have three children, Bethany, 6, Derek, 4, and Andrew, 2. She would like to know how Susan Kelly, Karen Sommer and Ken Seidel are doing. She has spoken with Kelda Caldwell, who is very successful at the World Bank and enjoys living near Washington, D.C.
Correspondent: Mimi Rasmussen

Dr. Jennifer Ambler and her husband, Thomas Maisner, a lumber inspector, and their new baby daughter, Kate, live in Brattleboro, Vt. Jennifer is an optometrist but finds time to fill the position of assistant secretary of the Brattleboro Rotary Club and treasurer of the Vermont state division of the American Association of University Women and the local AAUW branch. She's also the state coordinator of Vision USA, an eye-care charity. Jennifer sings soprano in Magyar Muzika, an a cappella women's chorus, and is a board member of Friends of Music at Guilford, Magyar Muzika's parent organization. . . . Harrison Richard is the name of Mair Sirakides Hill's family's newest member, born in October 1994. Mair says life is never dull, especially since she recently opened a showroom at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago to display the 30 lines of gifts and stationery that Mair Hill and Associates represents. Mair has 10 employees working for her full time to cover Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Mair notes that Heather McDonald was just made a partner in her law firm in New York. Heather is the youngest to earn that title and the only female. Kudos, Heather! . . . Sean McNamara and wife Barb have restored a 1901 farmhouse in Rochester, Minn., and enjoyed (sort of) preserving something wonderful and being able to say you did it yourself. Sean is still marketing manager for electric vehicles at General Motors. If you remember, Sean's division is conceiving a vehicle that is a radical departure from the typical personal transportation in the United States, a very exciting opportunity for Sean and for us all. I will try to get a Colby discount for our class as soon as these vehicles are released from the assembly line. . . . Sue Rogers Howell wrote to update us that her next baby was due in August and that she and Terry, her husband, and daughter Katherine live in Reidsville, N.C. Sue hoped to be able to travel to Islesboro, Maine, again this year for a break since they love it there. . . . In Portland, Maine, are Beth Coates Bunting and husband Michael and Scott Dow and Ashley Lasbury. Beth is systems analyst for Mercy Hospital in Portland, doing software installation, design and support on an AS-400 and Novell LAN network. Beth and her husband have a daughter named Sarah and expected baby number two last June. They are happy parents and sound great--and are building a house in Scarborough they can't wait to move into. Scott and Ashley's kids are now almost 3 (Samantha) and 1 (Eleanor). Scott is district agent for Northwestern Mutual Life, and Ashley stays busy with those children. . . . George, Peter, Lucie and Liz Murphy Kloak are pleased to announce the birth of George Kloak III in April 1995. . . . Steve Nicholas wrote to inform us of his overseas work in Macedonia. He is living in Skopje and working for the U.S. Agency for International Development's new Democracy Network Program. He's the program's country director for Macedonia, where the focus is on supporting environmental non-government organizations through training, technical assistance and grants. Steve's long-standing commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable development--and his Albanian ancestry--will stand him in good stead as he lives his expectation that the experience will be tremendously rewarding both personally and professionally. Steve can be reached by letter c/o USAID, Veljko Vlahovich 26/11, 91000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. I will let you know his e-mail address as soon as I hear from him again. Good luck, Steve! . . . Peter Flaherty is in his fourth year of teaching fourth graders at an inner-city school in Minneapolis, Minn. He's working with a "tough population of kids" but feels he is rising to the challenge by making a difference in the lives of some of the youngsters. Peter and his wife, Ronda, have been thrilled as new parents since baby Emma Rose was born in February 1995. . . . Happy holidays to everyone! Please send your news from far or near--and take care of yourselves.
Correspondent: Sally Lovegren Merchant

Fritz Canby writes that much has happened in his life. After six years on active duty with the Navy as a lieutenant commander in the Dental Corps, he has left the Navy and moved to Oak Park, Ill., where he is in a two-year combined dental residency/master's program in endodontics at Northwestern University. His wife, Denise, is working at the Hines VA Hospital in Illinois. Their daughter, Adriana, was born in May 1994. They are enjoying Oak Park, which has many of Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings and studios and was the birthplace of Ernest Hemingway. . . . Marie Joyce Fletcher is expecting her first child this winter. She and husband Daniel were married in May 1995 in south Florida and spent their honeymoon cruising by Grand Cayman, Jamaica and Mexico, snorkeling, shopping and sunning. She is currently working with her mother-in-law in real estate sales. . . . Tim Holt has returned to Canada, where he is employed by Trans Canada Credit Corporation as a branch manager. He and his wife, Carolyn, are parents to Deryck, 13, Alex, 10, and Dallas, 5. Tim credits both his wife and his children as helping him to become more thoughtful and understanding. Playing hockey, along with golf and tennis, and watching the kids keep him busy. Tim and family have traveled to Hawaii and Disneyland this year and are planning a return trip to Hawaii in December 1995. Though he has kept in touch in recent years with only Tom Clune, Greg Cronin '86 and Rob Graham, he has found it difficult to have made so many friends in the States during school and to have lost contact with them after moving back to Canada. . . . Thomas '82 and Victoria Crouchley Dougherty moved to northwest Arkansas due to a job change for Thomas. They have two children, Megan (3/8/90) and Alexandra Leigh (1/3/95). . . . Caren and Paul Baker had their first child, Lauren Elisabeth (8/94). Paul is in marketing at Polaroid, and Caren volunteers as a literacy tutor while she stays at home with Lauren. . . . Roy Dow is now assistant basketball coach at Holy Cross, having left Wheaton College after five years of successfully building their men's basketball program from scratch after Wheaton went coed. Roy is working towards being a Division I head coach. A bonus for his career in basketball is an annual convention and travel to the Final Four. Of the eight Roy has attended in various cities, he has most enjoyed New Orleans and Seattle. When not attending basketball games, he takes in other sporting events, namely the Kentucky Derby, which he attended a couple of years ago with coaches Dick Whitmore and John "Swisher" Mitchell and Chris Vickers '87. Roy says that mint juleps must be an acquired taste. He also keeps in touch with Jim Gaudette, who works at Polaroid in Cambridge, Mass., and with Peter Newman, in administration at The Westminster School in Simsbury, Conn. If anyone attends a Holy Cross game this coming season, stop by the bench and say hello. . . . Dan '85 and Kathy Sweeney Murphy are back in Maine after their stint in the Peace Corps. They just had their first child, Megan Eileen (2/19/95). Dan teaches and coaches at a regional high school while Kathy is on leave from her job at UNUM (insurance), where she managed a department that deals with technology and process for the sales offices. . . . As you read this, Craig Alie and Diane Perlowski should be tying the knot. That's right--with each other! Anything can happen and did at the 10th reunion! I think even all the old DU's are surprised that Craig is finally settling down. All my best to Craig and Diane on their new life together. And to all our classmates in their endeavors, please do write--I love getting all the mail.
Correspondent: Maura Cassidy

Carolyn Caruso Carbone has decided to put her career on hold and is now a full-time mom to Jonathan, born January 27, 1993, and to her new baby expected in May of this year. . . . Kevin F. Bruen has left the Navy JAG Corps and moved to Richmond, Va., and is working as a law clerk for the U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. Kevin and Carolyn Boynton Bruen '84 had a son, Conor James, on November 29. . . . Alison Cox got married last September to Richard Grillier at the River Cafe under the Brooklyn Bridge. Cathy Urstadt Biddle, Laurie Christos Gerard and Sarah Land were bridesmaids. . . . Raymond Bligh graduated from Columbia University with an M.B.A. in finance. . . . Mike and Lauren Russo Chocholak are having fun decorating their new home in Simsbury, Conn. . . . After seven years in the advertising business, Rob Hazard has gone into production for a commercial printing firm in Providence called Universal Press. "Other than being twice as hectic and pressure-packed as working for an ad agency, the job and company are terrific," he writes. . . . Katherine Kamm Davis is working three to four days a week for a mail order company started by her husband, Martin. She reports that Anne Cookson was married last summer. . . . Lynne and Rod McGillis are the proud parents of a daughter, Victoria Claire, born last November. Rod is teaching history and religion at St. Stephen's Secondary and was selected to coach hockey in the Provincial Junior "A" All-Star Game in Toronto. . . . Brian Clark is a resident physician specializing in ob/gyn. He was married to Kristen N. Feifert '86, and they now have two children, Taylor and Kaelen. They are currently residing in Essex Junction, Vt. . . . Ken "Kenzo" Harris invites one and all to the juice bar where he works, at 2243 Dorchester Avenue in Lower Mills, Mass. . . . Tom and Mariette Castillo Morrissey had a second son, Ryan Thomas, on April 13. Mariette is currently on maternity leave from Kraft Foods, Inc., where she's a brand manager in the Maxwell House division. . . . Congrats to Beverly Rice Tedeschi, finalist for the honorary title of New Outstanding Biology Teacher for 1994. . . . Karen Killam Schmuch bought a house and adopted a partially sighted Siberian husky. Karen works with another Colby grad, Kim Labow '91, in marketing for RISO, Inc. . . . As a college counselor, Tom Colt has persuaded four of his seniors to apply to Colby. Yea, Tom! Tom also has run three marathons during the last school year and was planning to run a fourth. . . . Julie A. Briggs got married to Brent Bursey, bought a house, got a black Labrador puppy and was promoted to director of seminars. . . . My apologies to those of you whose news I did not include due to lack of space. I will try to write of you in the winter issue.
Correspondent: Barbara Knox Autran

Have you made your travel plans yet? Be sure to put in for your summer vacation request now . . . there are only seven months until our 10th reunion, and you simply can't miss the party! Join your classmates and their families for a wonderful weekend on the Hill. Watch your mailbox for all the details. . . . As I write from my office in Pasadena, I am in the process of packing for our 1995 summer vacation. Hunter, Paige and I are eagerly awaiting two weeks of fun in Kennebunkport, Maine. The kids love the coast, where shell collecting, whale watching and a lobster feast are among the many special treats offered at Grandma's house! . . . Charles and Hilary Breed Van Dusen were married in Maine in October 1994 and now live in Marblehead, Mass., in a house formerly occupied by Lindsay (Carroll '87) and Geoff Alexander. Hilary is an editor with Little Brown in Boston. . . . Evan and Susan Roberts Dangel enjoyed some recent travels (Paris and the Burgundy region of France) with Christine (Palmer '87) and Michael Savage. They report that Italy is next on the agenda. The Dangels also keep in touch with Colby friends Glenn '85 and Lisa Bothwick Wilson '87, Phil and Lisa Woods Guarino and John Rafferty and his new wife. . . . After four years in the Navy, a half year of training in Groton, Conn., and Panama City, Fla., followed by three and a half years stationed in La Maddalena on the island of Sardinia, Kris Jensen, M.D., returned to the States in June to begin a three-year residency program in family practice at the Medical Center Hospital in Burlington, Vt. . . . Dan and Regan Hargraves Belluche are living in Chelmsford, Mass., with 3-year-old Emily and their littlest Colby legacy, who arrived last March. Regan is a financial analyst with Sybase and skillfully manages to juggle a hectic travel schedule with the many demands of motherhood. . . . For the first time in nine years, we have a report from Kathleen Hooper Zane. At their October 1994 wedding, Kathleen and her husband, Christopher, enjoyed the company of Nils '84 and Janet Kelley Gjesteby, Jamie and Karyn Weafer Stahle, Jay and Lori O'Keefe Burke, Dan MacDonald, Heather Cameron '87, Kelly Donahoe, Suzanne Battit and Ashley Morgan '85. The Zanes are living in Southport, Conn., where Kathleen is a sales rep for Cheseborough Ponds and her husband has his own business. . . . Another first-timer, Amy Scott Vanecek was wed in July at the Choate Rosemary Hall chapel. Amy graduated in May with a master's of art in teaching, with certification in English at the secondary level, and was hoping to teach high school English this fall. . . . Amy (Lumbard '88) and Guy Holbrook wrote from Duxbury, Mass., where they recently purchased a new home. Guy is with Scudder Stevens & Clark, an insurance asset management company, and Amy works for Infosoft International. . . . Catherine Woodward Gill and her husband are now parents of two littles ones--and too busy to fill out class questionnaires on time (but even late news is good news!). Courtney is 4, and Daniel celebrated his first birthday in June. After a six-month maternity leave, Catherine returned to her law office full time, and her work there included a short-term position with the Office of the General Counsel at Harvard. She says that academia proved to be a nice change of pace! . . . Giovanni Fazio wrote from Tokyo, where he lives with his new bride, Keiko, and writes as a film critic for Japan Times. He is also busy recording music with his band, Makyo, and releasing CDs from labels in Tokyo, London and San Francisco. . . . That's all for now. Until the next issue, keep your letters coming, and best wishes for continued happiness and success!
Correspondent: Gretchen Bean Lurie

I apologize for missing the last issues of Colby. This past year has been a busy one for me. I'm still with Key Trust Company in Portland, but I was promoted in December and now manage my department in the employee benefits area. The most important change in my life arrived at 6:44 p.m. on June 30, when Dan and I became the proud parents of a healthy 6 pound 9 ounce baby boy, Tristan James. What made the day even more special was running into Todd '86 and Meredith Belden Molloy at Maine Medical Center. James Belden Molloy came into the world in the wee hours of the 30th weighing 6 pounds 13 ounces. . . . Charlie '86 and Rebecca Sears Cleary live in New Hampshire with their daughter, Ester Elizabeth, born June 13, 1993. They were expecting their second child in April 1995. Charlie is an attorney in Manchester, and Rebecca is enjoying her second year as a stay-at-home mom. Before Ester was born, Rebecca taught at Londonderry Junior High and coached the field hockey team. . . . Bruce and Karen Hutchinson Jagolinzer are in Beverly, Mass., where Karen is an eighth grade math teacher and Bruce is a noise control engineer consultant with Acentech, Incorporated. After Colby, Karen worked as a computer analyst for Central Maine Power in Augusta, where she met Bruce. They married in June 1991, then moved to Pennsylvania, where Bruce began graduate study in acoustical engineering at Penn State. . . . Hannah Howland is in Chicago studying at The School of the Art Institute for a master's in art education. She also has been playing in bands and currently sings lead vocals in a band called Thrush. Hannah and fiancé Bruce Judson took a trip to St. John in the U.S.V.I. in January and spent five days kayaking with Margaret Foster '88, owner of Arawak, a kayak tourguiding business. They spent most of the month oil painting and finished up their stay with a profitable makeshift show of their work at their favorite bar. Hannah and Bruce plan to marry next August at the Bowdoin College Chapel. . . . Bill Clendenen wrote that he's been all over the Caribbean and Australia and to the Red Sea. He was living in Canada but returned to Cape Cod to trade in his scuba gear for skis and saddles (bike and horse, that is). . . . In April, Andrew Jeske left his job as vice president of a financial public relations firm to begin life anew as a copywriter at Bozell, Inc., an advertising agency in New York City. Andrew hopes classmates will soon be channel surfing past his commercials on TV sets nationwide! He also hopes to move to the suburbs with Laura Wilker, his girlfriend of several years. He'd love to hear from classmates in the New York metro area. . . . Ted Grevelis, wife Cynthia and their two cats and dog moved to Guam two years ago when she was offered a job with the Territory of Guam public schools. Ted's job with BHP Petroleum as a marine marketer (marketing gas oil to fishing fleets) often has him traveling to Korea and Japan. He and Cynthia also have vacationed in Indonesia, Saipan, Hong Kong and China. . . . Dave Wolfson celebrated his 30th birthday in May when his girlfriend, Lauren, threw him a surprise party. Turns out the surprise was on her as he asked her to marry him in front of 50 of their friends! Krissie Ralff, now living in San Diego, will be a member of the wedding party. Dave and Lauren have a short film that he directed and she wrote/produced touring the film festival market, and they were pleased to receive a nice response at the Palm Springs Film Festival. Lauren is finishing her first feature film script, and Dave's still directing commercial films. . . . Karen Lawes Webb graduated from UVM College of Medicine in June 1993 along with Zaki Nashed. After graduation, Zak and wife Kim Burnham Nashed '86 stayed in Vermont, where Zak is doing a radiology residency. They have two sons, Sami, 3, and Ziad, 1 1/2. Karen moved out to Seattle to undertake her family medicine residency and met fellow resident Tim Webb. They married in Philly in December '94, and Karen acquired a 6 1/2-year-old stepson. On her move out West, Karen stopped in Chicago to visit Jon Doehr, who's working on his M.B.A. Jon and his newlywed wife, Lesley, have bought a home in Evanston, Ill. Karen also has kept in touch with Stu Babb, who loves the Colorado life in Boulder, where he, too, is working on an M.B.A.
Correspondent: Lucy Lennon Tucker

In Seattle, Drew Simmons publishes a backcountry ski magazine called Free Snow, aimed at skiers who are willing to "earn their turns." He also does freelance writing and has been published in the Seattle Times, Northwest Wilderness Journal, Couloir Magazine and a couple of others. He's also the marketing director for the Wild Women Snowboard Camp, an all-women's instructional weekend held every March in Jackson Hole. Drew also reported that Tom Abbatiello wed Christine Murphy '91 last fall and that Sam Jones '91 is opening his own ski shop in Bozeman, Mont., this fall. . . . Sandy Thayer recently landed a position at the Chicago Art Institute as a Henry Luce Foundation Research Fellow, which involves writing a catalogue of the American Decorative Arts Collection. On weekends, Sandy, Sara Hanson '90 and Bebe (Clark '90) and Bill Bullock run their own butcher shop/delicatessen called Baa Baa Black Sheep in their Chicago neighborhood. Specialties include Bill's BBQ rib tips and Sara's and Bebe's homemade chili, soups, muffins and pies. . . . Chris Tompkins and wife Kate both have positions at The South Kent School. Chris is director of admissions, which enables him to meet up with other alums on recruiting trips. . . . After a few years on the road managing a band in St Louis, Marc Enger now has a position in advertising in St. Louis. . . . Rumor has it that Scott Harvey and wife Tammy are thinking of taking up sod farming out in the Midwest; anyone looking for a lawn should contact them while they're still in Boston. . . . Bill Auerswald left his Denver law firm to join Vail Associates as an assistant general counsel. He reports that his work is fun and exciting and that the skiing isn't bad, too. . . . Dave McCauley left the Hamilton College admissions office and moved to Saratoga Springs, where he is the director of bilingual education in a small New York state medium-security prison facility. . . . Rob Erdmann has moved to Newport, R.I., and a position as an account executive for Tuition Management Systems, a job that serves higher education. . . . Thomas M. Ginz II reports that being a dad is "the best thing in the world." His wife, Jennifer, gave birth to a son, Thomas M. Ginz III, on June 3, 1994. They also built a house last year in Guilford, Conn., where Thomas is in sales. . . . Greg Igo and wife Kerry are also proud parents of a son, Timothy Igo, who was born October 4, 1994. The Igo family lives in Needham, Mass., where both Greg and Kerry are finance managers. . . . Wendy Dauphinais Nelson and husband Krist are building their own home by a lake in central New Hampshire. Wendy is a territory business manager for Bristol-Meyer Squibb Pharmaceuticals but is also learning how to raise a wall and shingle a roof from Krist, who is a builder and firefighter . . . . Kent Fikrig graduated from Thunderbird, The American Graduate School of International Management, and is now the vice president, equity derivatives, for Societe Generale. In October he was to depart for India. . . . Congrats to Courtney Ingraffia, who graduated cum laude from Tulane Law School and is now with the New Orleans firm of McGlinchey, Stafford & Lang as an associate in casualty litigation. . . . Susan Downey Heston writes that she and her husband, Bill, who is a glass blower, are doing really well and having a great time with their daughter, Hailey, born February 4, 1995. . . . Eric Hanson married Anne Molleur (Williams '88) in August 1993. Anne is an environmental educator. Eric is in graduate school in conservation biology at the University of Minnesota and somehow finds time to train for 50km races on the side! . . . Sarah Nelson Dalrymple expected her first child, a daughter, last April. Sarah and husband Bill have settled in Kingston, Mass., where Sarah is a sales representative for Nelco Products and Bill is the general manager for Chilis Restaurant. . . . Donald Darby married Elizabeth Helft '91 last August in Saratoga, Calif., and moved to California. He is the vice president of College Pro Painters, and Liz has a position as a high school English teacher. . . . Kathleen Murphy Fellbaum got her master's in social work in Seattle. Her husband, Marcus, whom she married in 1990, is a teacher.
Correspondent: Deborah A. Greene

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