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I was pleased to hear from a few classmates in time for this column, as well as following up on some long-lost friends from 1966. Claudia Fugere Finkelstein of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, reports that daughter Beth has begun her teaching career in the Cumberland, Maine, school system and also is teaching at the Portland Community Hebrew School. Beth will be getting married in July, so a big wedding is planned. Daughter Leah is a senior music major at Wheaton College, pursuing her life's goal of becoming a famous musician. The music must run in the genes--Claudia continues to enjoy her musical expression as a jazz vocalist. . . . In my search for "lost" classmates I contacted Anne Ladd Carlson, who is living in Chelmsford, Mass., with her husband, a contributing member in the computer industry. Anne has had her activity limited in recent years as the result of a back injury in 1978. However, she continues to pursue her love of teaching by teaching French and Spanish to junior and senior high school students. Her professional goal is to be able to volunteer as a teacher of English as a second language to adults who lack English proficiency. Anne's personal goal is to have the many hours of working to improve her back pay off with a lifestyle free of back pain. Good luck to you! . . . I had a delightful conversation with Jan Jolicoeur Cote. She continues to teach kindergarten, and her husband, Pete, is with FEMA, traveling the country responding to the aftermath of natural disasters. Jan and Pete can claim 26 years living in the same community and developing deep ties within their church community. (Stability within family, community and church are great accomplishments!) Jan and Pete's daughter, Diane, is a junior at the University of Scranton, with plans to go into teaching. . . . Betty Ann Hernberg Went recently celebrated her 27th anniversary working with Catholic Family Services in Hartford, Conn. Catholic Family Services, an innovative, creative agency working on the cutting edge of family services, has been a great environment within which Bea says she has been able to thrive. She is responsible for program supervision in the areas of mental health, children's issues and crisis intervention and supervises a daycare program. Bea recently enjoyed a week-long Catholic Family Services conference in San Antonio on pregnancy, parenting and adoption. She also is supervising the only Southeast Asian mental health program in Connecticut. Bea reports that she can still tuck the violin under her chin and plays regularly with a chamber music group and an orchestra and even suffers the elements in the summer by playing with Summer in the Park. Son David is a junior at Hobart College. Although David was accepted at Colby and Bea admitted to pangs about his deciding not to attend, Hobart stole his heart and he loves the school of his choice. In fact, by choosing Semester at Sea for the middle trimester of this year, he will avoid winter by bobbing along on a sailing ship in the Bahamas. What marvelous opportunities our children experience while we toil along providing the "wherewithal" to support them. Ah, to be young today!
Class Correspondent:
Natalie Bowerman Zaremba

When your reunion form arrives in the mail send your reservation for our 30th to Reunion Central. We're looking forward to a great turnout on June 6-8! So dig out your original "beanie" and join in the fun while renewing old acquaintances and making new ones. Bob Field and Phyllis Jalbert are looking for copies of favorite photos taken while we were at Colby or from past reunions. Bob, our very own AV techie, has offered to put them all together in a videotape to be played at dinner. They need your goodies by March 1 so that he can work his technical magic. Even though there's been a real effort to get lots of people involved in planning the events, and even though we have a committee of keen volunteers, we'd love to have you assist us! If you can lend a hand, please get in touch with Mike Picher or one of us. . . . Fran Colmes Davis is a negotiator with the Maine Human Rights commission, and her husband, Jed '68, is a jeweler in Augusta. They live in Augusta, so they didn't have to travel far last September when they dropped off their oldest daughter, Meghan, at Dana Hall to start her freshman year at Colby. Fran is finishing her third year on the school board of her school union. . . . Irv Faunce has returned to Maine; he and his wife, Jan Collins, live in Kennebunkport, where Irv has taken a position as executive director and CEO of River Ridge, the brain injury center for Maine. Irv will celebrate the birthday of his grandson soon. This young fellow, Mitchell Rand, is a Mule all the way--in addition to Irv, his mother and father are both Colby alumni. . . . Anne Paul Gorsuch spent some time last March in Argentina visiting family. When back home in Hartford, Conn., she can be found doing some work for the American Cancer Society along with friend and classmate J.J. Mueller Tillinghast. Ann has a son in graduate school at St. Michael's College in Burlington, Vt., a stepson in Portland, a stepdaughter completing her M.S.W. and a stepdaughter who soon will be teaching in Rhode Island. . . . Joel Irish and his wife, Janet, have begun building a retirement home on family property in Turner, Maine. Joel recently completed a six-year appointment as chair of the mathematics and statistics department at the University of Southern Maine. He has returned to teaching and can be found in the classroom at the USM Portland and Lewiston campuses. . . . Nick Hadgis lives in Bryn Mawr, Pa., with his wife, Anna, who is head of a local private school attended by Nick's 15-year-old son. Nick's older son is a sophomore at UPenn, and his daughter is a freshman at Davidson. Nick is the dean of the school of hospitality management at Widener University, where the president is Robert Bruce '59. . . . Dick Heend has been traveling as he anticipates retirement in a few years--he and Mary have been checking out golf courses all the way from Florida to Japan. While in Japan, Dick accomplished a night climb of Mt. Fuji to see the sun rise. We hope to see Dick and Mary in Waterville this June--and note that they will be celebrating a 30th anniversary of their own in August. . . . Jim Eisenberg lives in Ludington, Mich., where he serves as chief of radiology at the Memorial Medical Center. Jim lives with his wife, Tova, and his daughters Amy, 16, and Elizabeth, 14, while son Eli attends Michigan State. Jim is planning to join us at the Samoset this June as we start our 30th reunion weekend. . . . Joyce Demkowicz Henckler lives in Bangor, where she is the director for enrollment management at the University of Maine. Along with her husband, Donald, and sons Adam and Aaron, Joyce can be seen in movies and TV commercials. After doing some work advertising Bangor Hydro Electric and Community Mental Health, Joyce's crew signed on to appear in a Stephen King movie and an independent film that will have been released before we go to press. . . . Ruth Elliott Holmes reports that her daughter, Sarah, is a senior at Colby and that her son, Nicholas, was to enter the University of Michigan Law School. Ruth and her husband, Sidney, live in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., where Ruth has developed a career as a jury consultant and handwriting examiner. Ruth has been featured in several newspaper articles after she worked on high-profile trials as a consultant to lawyers in choosing jury members based on handwriting samples.
Class Correspondent:
Robert Gracia and Judy Gerrie Heine

Greetings, classmates. Brad Muscott writes from W. Redding, Conn., where he's a graphic artist, is married to Cris, an English teacher, and has two gorgeous stepdaughters. He recently made his annual pilgrimage to Maine and updated all his computer equipment and says both made him poorer but happier. . . . Sue Davidson Lombard and husband David spent two weeks in July touring in Alaska and found breathtaking beauty and warm hospitality. Their daughter, Bethany, is director of residence life at Olivet College in Michigan, and son Derek graduated cum laude from Harvard in June 1996 and has a position with Advanced Financial Services of R.I. . . . Vic Pinansky and his wife, after 20 years of visiting Florida, finally saw manatees at Captiva Island--"What a sight!" Daughter Tara graduated from Hamilton and attends Suffolk Law School to become a lawyer like grandfather William D. '40 and Uncle David '75. Son Marc, a sophomore at Colby, has finished his first CD available on an independent label. He carries on Dad's Colby music tradition. (Ron Caruso '69, where are you?) . . . Writing from Flagstaff, Ariz., Bob Koons mourns the closing of Levine's. He's executive director of Grand Canyon Association and president of Grand Canyon Fund. His wife, Janet, teaches the gifted in elementary school. Their family includes sons Brad and Matt, dogs, cat and llamas. . . . A major change for Bill McKinney and wife Linda--they moved cross country, exchanging a condo in downtown Hartford for a view of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. They live in Berkeley, where Bill is now president of Pacific School of Religion. . . . Thanks to John Morgan for sending a lengthy letter. I'm sure you all join me in sending our condolences to him on the loss of his wife, who died in 1994 after a short but valiant fight against leukemia. He writes, "that change in my life will have effects which will remain forever." John has had his freelance photography business since 1983 and lives with his daughter, Sara, in Green Mountain Falls, Colo. They vacationed back east last summer and while in New York visited Paula Van Meter, whom John hadn't seen in 20 years. In Maine, John found Colby's campus as beautiful as ever but much larger than he remembered. He had a great visit in Hallowell with Phil Merrill and his neat family but was sorry he couldn't get to visit Red and Evelyn Brown Garnett. Since John is fire chief in his town, he's sometimes up at 2 a.m. to answer fire and rescue calls. He's also busy driving Sara to soccer practices, piano lessons and other commitments of a sixth grader. . . . Sorry I can't include all the news I've received, but I'm out of space.
Class Correspondent:
Mary Jo Calabrese Baur

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