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The Blue Light

New Jersey teacher Lee Oberparleiter is expanding his educational consulting business to encompass 15 states and Canada. He'd love to share his active life with a "good woman"! . . . Sally Phelan McIntosh has become a reference librarian at Lehigh University after many years as a government documents librarian. Jim is a sociology professor at Lehigh. . . . Dr. Bob Younes has had it with the turmoil and instability of managed health care and has begun a private practice in the treatment of vein disorders. He continues his fund-raising efforts for the wonderful St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. . . . Rolf and Arleen Larsen Munk have moved to Annapolis, Md., near to their new granddaughter. Arleen is playing duplicate bridge in an effort to meet new people. . . . Sandy and Steve Levine have been hosts to more than a dozen foreign exchange students, mostly from Italy, and have returned the visits. Steve has become fluent in Italian as a result. They often see Dave Bloom and Dennis Ting '60 and their families. . . . Gedeon '58 and Annette Wyman Picher have started their own engineering business and are currently spending a year in the D.C.-Virginia area before returning to Maine. . . . Freelance writer Jackie Bendelius Davidson edited and coordinated the publication of a book on the wildflowers of Deer Isle, Maine, and is active in a community swimming pool project. . . . Consultant Bob Keltie is a goal judge at Florida Panther (NHL) hockey games. He also teaches a course at Florida Atlantic U. Great business card, Bob! . . . Denny Kellner Palmer is a resource room teaching assistant and is also a regular literacy volunteer and soup kitchen volunteer. . . . Joy and Pete Lockwood plan to take their New Beginnings program to Northern Ireland this year. Originally designed as weekends for Episcopalians, the program now has been introduced to Methodists. . . . Leslie Nichols Kremer's daughter Kristen wrote to say that her mom is in the Peace Corps in Lithuania. Leslie and John find the language a challenge but are really enjoying their two-year stint helping people start small businesses. . . . Sincere condolences to the family and friends of Earl Stinneford, who passed away last October in Branson, Mo. Earl was a retired history professor. . . . Speaking personally, I've had my first mammography and blood work since last January's surgery and got an A+, making me an official survivor. My dear lady classmates and wives of my gentlemen classmates, is it time to make your mammography appointment? Keep in touch!

Marty Burger '58 is co-chair of the business and professional division of the United Jewish Appeal Campaign Cabinet.

Phillip Hussey '53 Deep-Seated Success
Retirement is no big vacation for Philip Hussey '53. Last fall, after giving up his chair as president and CEO of the Hussey Seating Company, one of the leading suppliers of spectator seating in the world, he headed off to the Far East--on business. [CONTINUE]