Colby Magazine - Winter 1998 Pundits & Plaudits
Dignity and Indignity
Colby faculty were all over the news in the wake of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. G. Calvin Mackenzie (government) was quoted in several media outlets on the implications of special prosecutor Kenneth Starr's investigation of the president. "No matter what happens as far as impeachment goes, [Clinton] will forever be remembered as this very tragi-comic figure: the `sex-scandal president,'" MacKenzie told The Boston Sunday Herald.
    Jane Moss (women's studies and French), in an article in The Boston Globe that was reprinted nationally, said that first lady Hillary Clinton was enduring the humiliation of the Lewinsky scandal with grace and dignity. "She has to be in great pain to have the entire universe know her husband was fooling around with a twenty-one-year-old in the White House, right under her nose. You have to admire Hillary's grace in these extraordinary times," Moss said.

Out of Touch with Reality
In a feature story about the drinking culture on American college campuses, William Klein (psychology) told the Bangor Daily News that binge drinking at Colby is less widespread than believed.
    Klein, who conducted a survey of Colby students in 1997 and again early in 1998, found that students overestimated the amount their peers drink. Students reported drinking about five times a month but guessed that their fellow students were drinking nine times a month. This discrepancy may help explain the peer pressure associated with drinking, Klein said. "There are an alarming number of students that drink too much, but not all do," he told the newspaper.
    "There are a small number that drink to excess, but I don't think there's a large number of students who go out with the intention of drinking to excess," Klein said.
    Attempting to counter the misconceptions about drinking, Klein has embarked on a project that involves paying students $1 if they can accurately answer questions about alcohol consumption at Colby, the newspaper reported.

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