Colby Magazine, FALL 2000
Colby Magazine, FALL 2000
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  Peter Golden


     Cover Story: Print Lives


The Midas Touch
By Kevin Cool

Peter Golden '80, head of casting at CBS, turns actors into stars.

The Cover Story
Print Lives
By Gerry Boyle '78

Who is putting out the nation's magazines?
Colby alumni.

National magazines are experiencing
an unprecedented boom. Read about the
Colby alumni who decide what
you see on the newsstand.

In the Loop, Outside the Beltway
By Gerry Boyle '78

When the national press wants perspective and insight, it turns to Colby's political pundits.


+editor's desk

A reminder that Vietnam was covered, and covered well.
(read the feature Robert M. Lloyd '68 wrote in Colby, spring 1988)



Vietnam War debate continues: Colby Jack Coombs didn't have children.



Gleanings from Earl Smith's campus newsletter, including Colby named to another elite list, Dr. Kathie Pooler '94 in emergency room documentary; Larry Rocca '90 on George Steinbrenner, Jamie Brewster '00 joins admissions; crew coach Mark Davis off to warmer waters.



+on campus

A Most Dangerous Place:
Hector Mondragon sidesteps death to champion Colombia's dispossessed

William Kovach is recipient of Lovejoy Award

Richard Serra's new sculpture has the campus talking

A Penchant for Pinter
Robert Gordon cherishes the plays of Pinter

Tony Marin, genial mechanic

Wit & Wisdom
Overheard on campus. . .



A Most International Class

United World College link makes class of 2004 most international class ever

COOT celebrates its 25th

Happy is as Happy Does
Michael Donihue (economics) surveys student lifestyles



Island in the Stream
Dale Skrien is a calming presence in the frenetic world of computer science.



Tracking the Real Alaska
Nick Jans '77 finds the right words—and photographs—for Alaska's beauty

A Stepping Stone of a Film
Brent Katz '98 makes his film dreams happen

Recent Releases
New books, etc.



Addressing Physics:
Sherman Fairchild grant funds new chair, propels planning process

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Grant Adds to Science Awards

Participation Rate Passes 50



So Cool, She's Hot
Barbara Coulon '94 turns a nose for trends into a career

Enveloped by Cuba
Betsy Maclean '94 leads solidarity trip to Cuba

Medal Round in Sydney
Hilary Gehman '93 rows for the U.S.

Alumni Club Circuit
Upcoming club events

Robert C. Gerrard '60
tackled the case of a lifetime

Helena Bonnell Gilman '78
Microsoft in the Middle East

Sharon Treat '82
Turns art into a balm

Michael Eash '93
Chopping champion

Kevin Leddy '77
Todd Coffin '83
Christopher Thayer '93




last page

A Script for Tipper:
A essay by Jonathan E. Kaplan '94


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