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Giving Victims a Voice
Sevdie Ahmeti, human rights worker and chronicler of ethnic cleansing Kosovo, spends a semester at Colby as an Oak Fellow.

In Lovejoy's Footsteps
Tom and Pat Gish, recipients of the 2001 Elijah Parish Lovejoy Award, stir up Kentucky with The Mountain Eagle newspaper.


A Formula For Fun
Math prodigies from Canada and the U.S. stretch their cognitive muscles at Colby camp.


Professional Life After Death
Blood stain analysis isn't the usual topic of a Colby course. But every summer this subject and more draws coroners and medical examiners from across the country to Mayflower Hill.

  Wit and Wisdom
What we're saying and where we're saying it.
  Question and Answer
Francis York, Dana dining hall.

Wit and Wisdom

"I find it interesting that twenty-five years later, now in the United States with "The Vagina Monologues," we're getting forms of feminist discourse-that liberated female sexuality-that Quebec was seeing in the mid-seventies."
Robert E. Diamond Professor of French and Women's Studies Jane Moss , in an hour-long interview for "What's the Word," an NPR program recorded in July.

"We had nothing but compliments. Those days are few and far between."
Director of Student Activities Lisa Hallen , reporting to Student Government Association officers on the reception they helped with for new students and their parents.

"Everybody I talked to said, 'The suffering we have now is so much better than the suffering we had before.' . . . Even if they didn't have something to eat, they had their freedom."
Elicia Carmichael '01, quoted in a July 8 Boston Sunday Globe story about her research on the recently liberated Kamaiya laborers in Western Nepal.

"The surname Colby itself originates from a place name that is English in origin. It is a hybrid Anglo-Norse form derived from Cald-byr, meaning 'cold settlement.' This is just a coincidence, but perhaps a cosmic one for those who believe in such things."
Associate Professor Jeffrey Anderson(anthropology), whose Web page explores unusual connections involving the name "Colby."

"They're smart. 'Smart in what way?' is my question."
Cathy Bruce, fielding a question about her and President Bro Adams's pet, Pedro the pig.

"Cleaning rooms that have been occupied for nine months by young people can be very challenging."
Arthur "Bud" Sawtellesupervisor of custodial services, in a campus announcement about getting residence hall rooms ready for reunion.

"With the right mix of geography, hubris and uranium, we can be energy self-sufficient and forget about conservation entirely."
Associate Professor of History Paul Josephson , in a May 17 op-ed titled "A Swiftian Solution to the Energy Crisis," in the Los Angeles Times.

"Luck is not the issue. Perseverance is. It's the students who need the luck."
Prof. Lenny Reich (science, technology and society), the day before seniors' grades were due, differentiating between students and faculty upon being wished "good luck with the grading."

"I thought it would be great to tell you about my wonderful boyhood in South Dakota."
Margaret McFadden (American studies), recounting lecture themes she had considered, when she received the senior class's Charles Bassett Teaching Award in May


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