Colby Magazine, Summer 2001
Colby Magazine, Summer 2001
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Indomitable Subtext

The World of David Patrick Columbia  

Impossible Image
By Alicia Nemiccolo MacLeay '97

Eating disorders threaten millions of Americans,
including students at Colby.

Indomitable Subtext
By Stephen Collins '74

In the life and work of Hanna Roisman,
the Holocaust is an
ever-present undercurrent.

The World of David Patrick Columbia
By Gerry Boyle '78

Tracking the parties of the rich
and famous, Columbia '62 is
New York City's high-society diarist.

September 11: Words Are All We Have

September 11: Colby Reacts


+editor's desk

Editor's Desk
September 11 and the College community.



A diverse response to diversity.



Gleanings from Earl Smith's campus newsletter, FYI, including faculty accolades, stolen photographs, comments on coffee exports and pigs on the loose.


+on campus

Giving Victims a Voice
Sevdie Ahmeti, human rights worker and chronicler of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, spends a semester at Colby as an Oak Fellow.

Following Lovejoy
Tom and Pat Gish, recipients of the 2001 Elijah Parish Lovejoy Award, stir up Kentucky with The Mountain Eagle newspaper.

A Formula for Fun
Math prodigies from Canada and the U.S. stretch their cognitive muscles at Colby camp.

Professional Life after Death
Blood stain analysis isn't the usual topic of a Colby course. But every summer this subject and more draws coroners and medical examiners from across the country to Mayflower Hill.

Wit and Wisdom
What we're saying and where we're saying it.

Frances York, Dana dining hall.



A Bigger Better Canvas

Colby artists stretch out in Crawford Art Studios.

IM me on AOL
First-year students get acquainted with each other online.



The Fruits of His Labor
Professor Russell Johnson (biology) brings science to community service.

How We Teach
The first day of class.



On the Bison Track
Matthew Testa '91 documents the controversy surrounding Yellowstone's roving herds.

Ghostliness and Grief
Debra Spark (creative writing) tackles tense relations in her new book.

Recent Releases
From our shelf to yours.



Lasting Legacy
Posthumous degree recognizes steadfast support from Paul Paganucci.



Lending a Steadying Hand
Peter Forman '80 keeps Massachusetts Governor Jane Swift on course.

The Life of the Party
John Brockelman '92's political savvy.

Melvin Lyon '52
Curious Behavior

Marjeanne Banks Vacco '62
Challenge Match

Karen Craft '77
No Place Like Home

Mary Schwalm '99
Down to the Wire

Alicia M. Rodriguez-Connolly '78
Kyle Garry '00




last page

The Student Migration
When students become someone's children.



Impossible Image: Eating disorders can develop when societal pressures overwhelm students
The World of David Patrick Columbia
Indomitable Subtext: In the life of Hanna Roisman, the Holocaust is an ever-present undercurrent
September 11: Words Are All We Have


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