Colby Magazine, Fall 2002
Colby Magazine, Fall 2002
A Global Forum

A Global Forum

An alliance with the United World College is giving Colby an international flavor and perspective. UWC graduates are coming to Colby in increasing numbers through a grant from UWC supporter Shelby Davis


On Terror's Trail

On Terror's Trail
By Brian MacQuarrie '74

MacQuarrie, a reporter for The Boston Globe, was dispatched to Pakistan and Afghanistan following the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center. He was looking for the sources of the hatred that spawned such violence. He found much more.

  All Business

All Business
By Grant Pick

How do you run a business school? We ask Ted Snyder '75, dean of the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago.

School Across the Bay

School Across the Bay
By Gerry Boyle '78

Kristine Davidson Young '87 and Barney Hallowell '64 are dedicated to their students on North Haven Island.



+editor's desk

Editor's Desk
The view from Mayflower Hill is expanding as changes at the College emphasize an international perspective. And that is just what the future demands.


Good story on clean elections, most water fatalities traced to poor preparation, Bill Cosby's chair, 'Gillum' taught his lessons well, Silent Woman shouldn't have offended.



Gleanings from the campus newsletter, sweets from home, Patricia Murphy (PPD) is not the weakest link, Colby's Best Buddies chapter recognized, Chris Arnold '92 got a boost from English Department, Kashif Mansori (economics) looks into his crystal ball, Ariel Armony (government) helped gain release of classified documents on Argentina's Dirty War, Cathy Bevier (biology) kows why mink frogs go-a-courtin', Colby Cares About Kids is a national model.

Alex Quigley '99 has put down roots in Mississippi's Delta schools.



All the Marbles
Ski coach Tracey Cote goes to serious extremes -- and wins.

+on campus

Of Children, Slaves and Soldiers
Ushari Mahmud, the 2002 Oak Human Rights Fellow, works for victims of child slavery and soldiering.

For Art's Sake
Dan Rosenfeld takes over as director of the Colby Museum of Art, and he's ready to spread the word about the museum and its collection.

A Posthumous Lovejoy Award
Daniel Pearl, murdered while reporting for The Wall Street Journal in Pakistan, to receive the 2002 Elijah Parish Lovejoy Award.

Words for the First-Years
President William D. Adams on Colby as a civil community.

All That Remains
Forensic scientist William Haglund looks for evidence of genocide.

Environmental honor
Gov. Angus King lauds Colby for its environmental efforts.

Rewards for Research
Colby faculty a magnet for research funding.

Plumbing the Depths
Colby scientists team up to study the Belgrade Lakes.

There's a New Mule in Town
Colby's new official mule.

Wit and Wisdom
What we're saying and where we're saying it.



Cancer Clues

Traci Speed '03 searches diligently for chemical secrets.

'06ers are...
From 30 countries, speak 34 languages, have done it all (well, not quite).



His Gift was Language
John Hedman's legacy is read and spoken.

New Faculty Faces
New faculty named to tenure-track posts.

A Gender Q & A
Terry Arendell (sociology) on gender, sexulaity and "the traditional family."



A Hope in the Unseen
Ron Suskind chronicles a young man's journey of faith, from the inner city to the Ivy League.

More than Lobster
Linda Greenlaw '83 writes about a community of fishermen.

Recent Releases
From our shelf to yours.



Passing the Screen Test
Waterville festival's reputation grows as luminaries come calling.

Another Record Year for Alumni Contributions

New Alumni Building Announced
Future takes shape with plans for alumni center

Landscape Architects Visualize "The Colby Green"

The Club Circuit

Alumni Association Awards


Dorothy Cleaver '48

Janet Grout Williams '60
A Bird in Hand

Kathy McKechnie '79
A Lifesaving Career

Julia McDonald '99
A Desert Discovery

Beth Johnson Searing '99

Todd Miner '01
Opening the Door

Geoff Ward '02

Newsmakers &





last page

The Spirit of India
Between poverty and plenty, India's spirit flickers.


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