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Passing the Screen Test
Waterville festival's reputation grows as luminaries come calling.

Another Record Year for Alumni Contributions

New Alumni Building Announced
Future takes shape with plans for alumni center

Landscape Architects Visualize "The Colby Green"

The Club Circuit

Alumni Association Awards


Dorothy Cleaver '48

Janet Grout Williams '60
A Bird in Hand

Kathy McKechnie '79
A Lifesaving Career

Julia McDonald '99
A Desert Discovery

Beth Johnson Searing '99

Todd Miner '01
Opening the Door

Geoff Ward '02

Newsmakers &


The Club Circuit

For a list of club events go to

Arizona, Cindy Castro Minnehan '86.

Atlanta, Chris Tierney '89.

Austin, Texas, Lambie Bickford '01.

Boston, Christopher Sullivan '97.

Charlotte, N.C., Farrell Burns '98.

Chicago, Mike Cuzzi '98, Sarah Ummell '97.

Colbiana (Mass.), Elizabeth Wade Drum '47.

Colby North by Northwest (Boston's North Shore to Southern New Hampshire), Cherrie Dubois '69.

Colorado, Katherine Walker '88, Peter Weinberg '91.

Down East, Andrea Krasker Gavin '93 and Chip Gavin '90.

Fairfield County, Conn., Janet Breslin Gilmartin '76.

Hartford, Franc-Eric Wiedmer '90.

London, Stephen Reed '85.

Los Angeles, Rabbi Zachary Shapiro '92.

Minnesota, Kendra K. Shank '02.

New Hampshire, Tony Baldasaro '94.

New York City, Diana Herrmann '80.

Philadelphia, Kirk Paul '79.

Providence, Sarah Dressler '02.

San Francisco, Ruth Bender '89, Elizabeth Baker '97.

Sarasota, Fla., Ernie Fortin '51.

Seattle, Sarah English '95, Corley Hughes '98.

Shanghai, Susanna Schneider '82.

Southern Maine, Demetra Giatas '88, Rebecca Birrell '92.

Tokyo, Ari Druker '93.

Washington, D.C., Kevin Fahey '80.

Waterville, Jon Eustis '69.


A Global Forum
An alliance with the United World College is giving Colby an international flavor and perspective.

On Terror's Trail
Brian MacQuarrie '74 looks for the sources of hatred that spawn violence and finds more.

All Business
Ted Snyder '75 runs a business school and tells us about it.

School Across the Bay
Kristine Davidson Young '87 and Barney Hallowell '64 dedicate themselves to their students on North Haven Island.

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