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A Children's Crusade
Ushari Mahmud, the 2002 Oak Human Rights Fellow, works for victims of slavery, incarceration and child soldiering.

For Art's Sake
Dan Rosenfeld takes over as director of the Colby Museum of Art, and he's ready to spread the word about the museum and its collection.


A Posthumous Lovejoy Award
Daniel Pearl, murdered while reporting for The Wall Street Journal in Pakistan, to receive the 2002 Elijah Parish Lovejoy Award.


Words for the First-Years
President William D. Adams on Colby as a civil community.


All That Remains
Forensic scientist William Haglund looks for evidence of genocide.


Environmental Honor
Governor Angus King lauds Colby for its environmental efforts.


Rewards for Research
Colby faculty a magnet for research funding.


Plumbing the Depths
Colby scientists team up to study the Belgrade Lakes.


A New Mule in Town
Colby's new official mule.


Wit and Wisdom
What we said and where we said it.


Colby's Environmental Effort

Colby's Environmental Advisory Group (EAG) is barely a year old, but its commitment to integrating environmental sustainability into academics, campus maintenance and administration is a longtime institutional ethos. Maine Gov. Angus King recognized that, and in September the College received a 2002 Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence. Colby was the first institution of higher learning to earn one of the awards, first presented in 1995.

The award is an incentive for people at the College to continue their efforts--from composting yard and food wastes and lowering steam plant emissions to promoting a pedestrian-friendly campus. It also raises awareness of Colby's environmental priorities, says Patricia Murphy, director of the Physical Plant Department.

The Governor's Award recognized Colby's curriculum, which includes environmental studies majors in policy or science as well as environmental options in biology, chemistry and geology. Recycling unwanted student belongings, reducing paper consumption and food waste in dining halls, using environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, making use of excess steam to generate electricity and favoring native species in landscaping also earned praise.

What's on the agenda for the future? "Looking at green building standards, alternative vehicles and waiting to see what the student body brings us," said Bruce McDougal, environmental compliance and safety coordinator. That doesn't mean simply listening to and responding to complaints.

You have to make critics part of the solution and get them involved," said Murphy. "I hope this makes people realize how much is going on."


A Global Forum
An alliance with the United World College is giving Colby an international flavor and perspective.

On Terror's Trail
Brian MacQuarrie '74 looks for the sources of hatred that spawn violence and finds more.

All Business
Ted Snyder '75 runs a business school and tells us about it.

School Across the Bay
Kristine Davidson Young '87 and Barney Hallowell '64 dedicate themselves to their students on North Haven Island.

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