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Cancer Clues
Traci Speed '03 searches diligently for chemical secrets.

'06ers are...
From 30 countries, speak 34 languages, have done it all (well, not quite).

The Book on the Class '06

How many got in
474 students from a pool more than eight times that size.

How many were admitted Early Decision
40 percent.

Where they're from
30 countries and every region of the U.S.

What they speak
34 languages, but not in the same classroom.

Things they've done already
Won state essay contests, received book awards, researched cures, worked in the U.S. Congress, lived with Buddhist monks in Tibet, performed in Carnegie Hall.

When they weren't doing that
They were all-star athletes, including a four-time cross-country champ from Ontario, the top in-line skater in Norway, a Junior Olympic skier and a nationally ranked race walker.

And don't forget
Over half were involved in community service during high school. Members of the class have worked with the Roosevelt Island Youth Center, Bombay Street Kids, Big Brothers/Big Sisters and Habitat for Humanity.


A Global Forum
An alliance with the United World College is giving Colby an international flavor and perspective.

On Terror's Trail
Brian MacQuarrie '74 looks for the sources of hatred that spawn violence and finds more.

All Business
Ted Snyder '75 runs a business school and tells us about it.

School Across the Bay
Kristine Davidson Young '87 and Barney Hallowell '64 dedicate themselves to their students on North Haven Island.

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