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Players Were Austins Priority Iam saddened by Tom Austin’s retirement as head football coach; we have spent a tremendous amount of time together over the past 15 years. I will miss the daily interaction that we have shared, but I am very happy for him and [his wife], Faye. He has poured his heart and soul into Colby and Colby football and has worked tirelessly to develop the program into one of the most respected in New England—one that the entire Colby community can be very proud of. People don’t really understand the time commitment involved, and we all respect his choice to spend the next phase of his life with his family.

More than anything, Tom has done it the right way. He has been the perfect fit for Colby. He understands the balance between academics and athletics and uses the dynamics of the ultimate team sport to teach his players lessons that will serve them well throughout their life. Tom takes as much satisfaction in what his players accomplish off the field as he does in their football endeavors. Playing football at Colby for Tom has meant being part of a family, and that is a relationship that continues long after one graduates.

Tom has been an outstanding role model for the players; he is enthusiastic, positive, fair yet demanding. Being a part of Colby football has been a meaningful part of the Colby experience; he genuinely recognized the unique contribution that each individual made to the team. The highest tribute that I could pay Tom is that when speaking to the parents of a prospective student-athlete, I would say to them that Tom is the kind of man I would want my son to play for. Tom has always been devoted to the players, and in turn they loved him and would do anything for him. They would literally run through a wall.

Tom leaves as the all-time victory leader in Colby football history, but the impact that he has had on all of us who have coached with him or played for him can’t be measured in terms of wins. All of us who have shared the unique experience that is Colby Football with Tom Austin are bound together by a deep sense of “Blue Team Pride.”

Unlike most coaches, Tom is not driven by ego; it has always been about the players. In typical Tom Austin fashion, he announced his retirement when he did because to do so before the season or even before the last game would have placed all of the attention on him. At Colby, the focus has always been the kids.

Ed Mesteri
Adjunct Associate Professor of Physical Education and Athletics
Assistant Football Coach

Posse Photo Delight Your Colby fall 2003 cover photo delights me! So many beautiful faces and “colors.” Thank you for becoming inclusive.

A button I created while working at Union Theological Seminary, N.Y.C. (’80-’92), says, “Racism, Sexism, and Greed are Our Diseases, and we are the only cure.”

Grace Keefer Parker '45
Babylon, N.Y.

Lemoine Obituary Stirs Memories

My granddaughter, Erika Seiko Togashi, graduated from Colby this past May. While I was with my family for Thanksgiving, I read in her copy of Colby, fall 2003, of the death of Harold F. Lemoine ’32.

Father Lemoine was my rector at St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church in Queens Village, L.I., N.Y., in the early 1940s. He performed my marriage service in 1945 and baptized my two daughters in 1949 and 1952.

I know he went on to be dean of The Cathedral of The Incarnation in Garden City, Long Island, but having left Long Island as our family moved on, I lost track of him. As I read of his death in Colby, many lovely memories flooded back to me of this kind shepherd who cared for his flock, of which I was fortunate to be part, so many years ago.

Eileen Barnes Schinlever
Penllyn, Pa.



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